5 Practical tips on how to use Marketing Items to Promote your Business?

As a Business owner you know how important it is to find Promotional-Merchandise-Items
an effective cost-efficient way to promote your Business.
Marketing Items are items that have your brand and marketing
message imprinted on them.

Marketing Items are also know as

These Marketing Items are also know as
Promotional Merchandise, Marketing Products,
Promo Gifts, Promotional Gifts.

These can be an effective tool to raise the awareness of your Business.
In a recent survey 62% percent of people reported that they
have done business with someone after receiving
a Promotional Gift from them.

Here are some tips on how to setup an effective campaign using Marketing Items

1. Have clear purpose and strategy
First of all, Like in any other area of your Business you need to set clear goals,
so plan the specific purpose for using these Marketing Items,
remember these items are typically used to:

To increase awareness of your Brand with your target Market
Building the awareness of your Brand in the mind of your target audience is essential.
Brand recognition plays an important role within the sales cycle; the more familiar
you brand is the greater the chances of success, promotional items are great
for helping you in building this important brand awareness.

When introducing a new product or service:
By handing out these as gifts you can build awareness and anticipation
for the impending new product’s launch.

To convey that important massage:
Giving free gifts to potential customers will build good will toward your brand
and also inform them that their business is valued.

To support other sales related activities:
( in a recent survey it was revealed that using Marketing items in
conjunction with a sales letter in direct mailing increased
response rates by as much as 50%) so plan what you
want to achieve in this regard.

2. Know your intended recipients
Secondly; marketing items can be tailored to suite any demographic including
Age, Gender and Industry. So research your target audience as it’s essential
that your Marketing items have some practical relevance to your recipients.

A happy recipient will use the item appreciate it and form a positive impression
of your business.
3. Choose items that provide a practical Utility

Remember to choose quality products that are practical and provide some
form of utility to the recipient, remember Marketing Items that have a practical
use and are used daily will deliver your message far longer than items that
end up thrown in a drawer and only used on the odd occasion, so plan
and choose carefully; in a recent survey it was discovered that over 35% of
promotional products are kept for 2+ years.

4. Plan your distribution carefully
Plan how you are going to distribute your marketing items to your clients,
Will you post them? Will you present them at your trade counter? Plan
and cost this important aspect as often the distribution costs
of the items gets overlooked.

5. Measure your effectiveness
Finally, like in all other marketing campaigns, try and measure the effects of
your campaign, perhaps include a card with each item and invite recipients to
respond and provide feedback, include a special offer etc, there are numerous
ways of measuring your success.

In Short:
Have a clear strategy; know your target audience, choose practical items that
provide a clear purpose and use, plan distribution and measure your effectiveness.

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