5 key tips for Managing people more effectively

When we think of key business assets
or resources we should always look at the
“People” who work within the business and
how effectively they will be managed.

A few key tips for the effective management of people are listed below.

1. Reward performance
A key element of any management plan is measuring performance and then putting a system of
rewards in place for achieving these levels. If staff know that they will be rewarded they will have
a high level of job satisfaction. If an employee feels they are not rewarded for good performance
this will lead to resentment building within the employee and spreading within the group.

2. Motivate people
The ability of management to motivate their staff will aid an effective and efficient business plan.
This involve clearly defining the business or organisations vision for the future along with the goals
and objectives of each employee and how they fit into this plan.
Delegating the necessary power or authority to your employees will empower them and motivate them
to achieve their goals and seek greater goals or achievements in the future.

3. Create a plan
If you create a business plan and involve your staff in drafting and setting the plan this will help people know
what direction the business is going in and what is expected of them.
A plan will also create confidence in the management of the business and a sense of direction for staff and
a realisation that everyone is working to the same goals.

4. Provide training and resources
In order to perform their jobs or tasks it is wise to invest in some in-house training or instruction for your business staff. This will allow them achieve their full potential and avod the pitfalls that have been seem before.
They should then be given the right tools and resources to implement their plans and achieve their goals.

5. Monitor and feedback
You will need to monitor the progress of your staff and compare this to their planned goals or objectives.
Positive feedback or even constructive criticism will help a person stay focused and motivated. This feedback can include recognition in front of peers and doesnt have to cost a lot of money but can be meaningfull to the group or the individual.

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