5 Free Apps for BYOD Security Management

With the growth in the use of mobile smart devices when accessing data on a BYOD
network a new expression (BYOD) or Bring Your Own Device has emerged.
The concept of allowing a guest or staff members have access to your business network and data through their own device leads to serious security questions.

To assist in managing your business BYOD policy we have listed 5 free security apps below.

Boxcryptor is a cross platform app that can be used to allow encrypted access to key business files. It can be used on various cloud storage options including Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive.
It can downloaded for Windows , Apple and Android and used on a smartphone and tablet device.

Packetfence is a free open source network access control app. Ideal for managing multiple wired and wireless devices. It also has strong guest management options so any BYOD devices added can be fully monitored and controlled. The app can detect any abnormal network activity and can be set to run proactive vulnerability scans.

Directpass install a password controlled secure browser on your device and you can use this to store various secured website login info. Also incorporates a one click login for frequently visited sites and form field autocompleting.

Divide allows you create a fully-encrypted workspace on your smartphone or tablet device which
allows secure access to work email and files. Ideal for people using their own devices for both personal and work usage and you need to keep both separated.

FileLocker lets you encrypt files directly on your device thus preventing unauthorised access and viewing. It will also log changes to files that have been unlocked and files can be hidden from view also.

Thanks the TIB Team

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