10 Usefull links for sourcing the best WordPress Plugins

WordPress has become one of the most user friendly wordpressbiz
website CMS (content management systems)
over the past few years.

It started off as just a very useful blogging software platform but
has developed with the aid of the open source community
into a very strong website CMS platform.

One of the key aspects of this web community development has been
to create a large range of plugins that can be installed and used with WordPress.

So what is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress plugins are computer software programmes written or designed to
add additional functionality to the WordPress CMS platform.

They can be accessible on the WordPress website and are installed via the
Wordpress admin area.

These plugins can be free to down load while some are from premium website.

Some of the most useful wordpress plugins are listed below as:

  1. Google Sitemaps Generator
  2. Ultimate Tag Warrior
  3. Add to Del.icio.us
  4. WordPress Database Backup
  5. Subscribe To Comments
  6. Related Posts
  7. Akismet
  8. wp-shortstat
  9. Gravatar
  10. Search Hilite

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and the use of a WordPress CMS we can provide you with
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