Benefits of the Online or Connected car for Business

Forget the wired era of the 90s –wireless Internet connection and entertainment is here and it is here to stay.  With the ever increasing needs for people to get online, regardless of the place and the activities – connected cars may just be the answer to those with high mobility needs.

The innovation doesn’t stop there as connected cars allow people to do more than just get online. The following are some samples of how business have been able to make car more than just as transportation devices.

Entertainment in the Backseat of Your Car
The idea of bringing entertainment to cars isn’t exactly new, because multimedia enthusiasts have long been building entertainment systems in their vehicles. Technology now enables you to have Internet and even satellite TV content right in your car. This synergy allows you get better reception of signals while on the road bringing programming like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network to your car.
You can also have access to in-car DVD  systems with either roof mounted flip down LCD screens or headrest built in screens.

Car audio for the Next Generation
Forget about the classic car radio that your father had. Thanks to technology, car audio systems now come with touchscreen as well. Tired of listening to the radio? Simply hook your iPhone or iPod touch to it – and you can enjoy the sound in better quality on your car speakers. But music isn’t the only thing that the car audio is able to bring you – you can also download apps such as MotionX-GPS and INRIX traffic to get road information and precise navigation on the touchscreen.

Mobile Office on the Go
If you simply must be connected to the web at all times due to work – there are a couple of alternative to still get the wireless Internet connection in your car. Speed won’t be an issue, because more and more companies now provide 3G Internet connections for any vehicle. You can now install in-car PC system which has all the functionality of a laptop or desktop PC system. Many automakers, such as Audi and BMW, even offer in-car WiFi.

With connected cars — you’ll never miss any business opportunities that may knock your door even when you’re not in the office.