Why your Business website needs to integrate with Social Media

Did you know that the average adult
spends 18 hours a week online?

Also more and more of this time is now
spent on social media websites like twitter and facebook.
With 96% of 18-35 year olds in the USA are using a social network and
1 in 5 Americans aged between 18-35 use twitter.

How to ensure you continue to reach your customers and this new growing audience
If your website is social media friendly it will ensure that your customers can share and interact
with your business via these new important channels. Typically in the past a business would use their
website to update customers of new events and product updates, but as social media is becoming
so popular there is an increasing demand on business to update customers
over on these new channels also.


How do you ensure your website is more social media friendly?
There are ways that you can ensure your website is more social media friendly.

First of all you need to ensure you are connecting with your customers in the way they prefer to be reached; this is an essential element to any marketing campaign’s success.

Here is how you can ensure this:

  • That there are links to the main Social media channels on your website in prominent places
    so that your customers can easily jump to their preferred method of interaction,
    this will ensure you retain them.
  • Allowing your customer interact with your business via these new channels will expose
    your business to a wider audience, as their friends and followers will also
    see them interacting with your business.
  • That your website is the centre of your content publishing activities, IE,
    you are publishing your content here and its updating your Social media channels
    automatically, thus saving you valuable time, to allow you to focus on
    creating more new content and updates.


So what if your website cannot do any of these important things?
Don’t worry, we have a solution, you can upgrade your existing website to the next generation
without any downtime to your business.

The secret to these new Next generation websites is they use the top open source platforms which are
driven by open source software so there is no licensing fees, this puts the most advanced solution in your

Hands for a fraction of the cost of a comparable enterprise system. Plus there is a plethora of free ad-ons
available that provide automatic publication via these new important social media channels,
so your content only needs to be updated in one place as opposed to several.


Other benefits this will provide.
By integrating your various social media channels with your website you will continue focus for your
customer’s attention back to your website and therefore your brand and thus insure its continued success.

As the search engines are moving towards a non-static ranking system that will measure a websites
profile in terms of social engagement, this strategy will strengthen your future search engines rankings.

Your customers will see your business as being progressive and forward thinking and continue
to reward you with their loyalty.

How to upgrade
Our associates over at Next generation websites offer an upgrade service,

See their website here


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