Why HTML5 is important to the future success of Mobile Business

A major challenge facing mobile application
developers today is they have to ensure their
software is compatible with an ever expanding
range of platforms.

This is a drain on resources and
increases the cost of developing this software,
which business inevitably end up paying
for in the long run

HTML 5 will bring about several advances.
The wider adaption of HTML 5 will bring about major benefits to the industry,
the main benefit will be that developers will be able to develop
an application once and have it run on any platform. So it provides a unified strategy
of development that is compatible across all mobile devices, plus it also
supports Windows and also the traditional desktop.

Less requirements and restrictions
It also removes the requirement to use certain external plugins like
Flash or Silverlight which enhance multimedia and audio capabilities.
As well as potential barriers to device selection as there is no longer a
requirement to validate software solutions with existing or new devices
so this will streamline future software development and management.

The growing trend know as (BYOD)
Also a new trend emerging in the working environment is a phenomenon  know as (BYOD)
or bring-your-own-device, because industry is in need of faster cheaper mechanisms
to deploy software across multiple device platforms to foster and therefore benefit
from this new trend of workers who want to use their own devices during their typical working day.


Also this is happening during a trend where industry is moving away from native applications
to browser based solutions and the want greater choice and don’t
want to be tied to one or two operating systems or devices

All of these reasons are compelling and driving the adaption of this exciting new
standard in development that should offer a greater more efficient mechanisms to
develop and deploy software applications for an increasing mobile
business environment.

All good news for business.

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