Why Companies choose to Distribute Promotional Gifts

There are many different reasons why companies choose to distribute promotional gifts. Finding out why other companies have done so in the past can help you determine whether it is the right move for your company to make and, if it is, when some excellent gift giving opportunities may be. Once you have decided when you will be handing out your promotional gifts you will be able to better gage the quantity you will need to order and that, in turn, can help you determine what price point you are looking for.

To Introduce A New Product Or Service
Many companies choose to hand out promotional gifts as a way of announcing a new product or service. They may choose to hand these items out at public events such as trade shows and conventions. If you are giving out promotional gifts for this reason you will need a larger number of items to hand out and this may mean that you will need to order items that are less expensive than if you were handing them out on a limited scale.

To Introduce A New Logo Or Brand Look
Sometimes a company decides that it is time for a new look. Many companies have chosen to revamp their logo and the colors that they use to represent themselves. In order to do so effectively they may want to have their new corporate logo and information printed on promotional gifts.
These can then be handed out to loyal customers and can help make the switch to a new look much less jarring and unexpected.

To Attract Customers At Trade Shows Or Showcase Events
If a company wants to attract attention at a convention or trade show, promotional gifts can be a fantastic way of doing so. If the item is very trendy or truly unique other people who are attending the same event will likely be interested in obtaining one of the promotional gifts for their own use. They may ask where it was obtained and may seek out a company just for the promotional gifts being offered. This may mean that a company suddenly has the chance to introduce themselves to customers that may otherwise be unreachable.

These three situations all present a wonderful opportunity to use promotional gifts in order to attract attention to your company. By choosing the right promotional gifts you may actually find that your business increases and, over time, the gifts end up paying for themselves.