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Maintain your Website quickly, easily and inexpensively

Part of the expense of having a website has always been site maintenance.
In the past it was necessary to pay money to a programmer on an ongoing
basis in order to update text and HTML portions of any website.

Now, that has changed, with the use of a robust content management system
It has become as easy to update a site as it is to use word processing software.

Advantages of Using a Content Management System

There are many advantages to using a content management system.

They are:

  • The ability to update your site at any time from any computer.
    A good content management system is one that is not limited to being used
    on a single computer.
    It can be logged into using a secure password and, from there, you can be
    updating your site in a matter of moments
  • It is more affordable than paying a programmer.
    Paying a programmer can add up over time.
    It can be bad enough if you have to spend money to have structural issues or
    changes to the layout or design completed. But if you are operating a website
    where frequent information changes are necessary, paying a programmer
    can be prohibitively expensive

When we build a content management system into your website, we make sure that
it is as easy to use as word processing software.  That means point and click functionality
and a control system that you will be able to learn intuitively.

We can also ensure that you can edit both images and text with your CMS.
This can be critically important if you have product images that may be changing
from season to season. You do not want to wait for someone to update your site
for you when you should be able to do the job yourself.

We also make sure that your CMS is scalable.
It should work equally well in the beginning when your site is just up and running as it does
when your site is well established and is working as it should.
We are happy to speak with you at any time to find out exactly what your needs and goals
are and to find ways of realising them in a cost effective way.

With the right Content Management System, the power to maintain and update your website
is where it should be, with you.

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