Updating the content of your Website

Updating a website can massively affect the success of that site in generating business.
The best websites that perform well in the search engine results are not only designed to a high standard but have strong content in the form of pictures and text as well as other media.

Your visitors needs
Your site should be directed towards the needs of the people you are hoping will visit it, and so careful consideration should be made as to whether the site does this, or should be amended so that it will. Think about your demographic. Are you hoping to attract visitors of a certain age or from a particular industry? Think about the kind of language you are using. Is it loaded with technical terminology or too complex for the average visitor to understand?

Will your visitors visit regularly?
It is good to have an understanding of the frequency with which you would like, or are expecting, your visitors to visit. If you imagine that they will visit on a regular basis then you might want to think about updating your website’s content regularly too.

Will they take action?
If you are hoping that your visitors will take some form of action whilst visiting your site then how will you encourage them to do it? Does the content call the visitor to take that action, and if not, how will you do this? The language you choose should be motivational for the visitor so that they will take the action you are hoping they will.

What language to use
Ensuring that your content reaches out to the visitors you want to attract is essential. Think about the content of your site and how you are going to do this. If you are hoping to achieve sales through your website then your content should represent this in that it should discuss what you are hoping to sell and why it should be bought. The language you use should be informative and factual to create interest, but also persuasive and encouraging so that your visitors will want to actually buy your products.

When thinking about what keywords to include, try out a search for something similar yourself. Try different search engines and enter different keywords. Keyword density and search engine optimisation can be complicated and many businesses employ the services of SEO firms to handle this aspect of their website’s development.

What is the competition doing?
It’s always a good idea to benchmark. Look at your competitors’ sites and what they have included in their content. Make sure they don’t have the advantage because they have included something that you haven’t thought of.

Keeping the ideas that worked
When overhauling your website to update or improve it, it might be tempting to rubbish everything you have built so far and completely make it over. Look at what you already have and take from it anything that you have found to work well. If you have aspects of your current site that are successful then it may be wise to keep them and take them forward.

As you put together your ideas for updating your website, organise your thoughts carefully so as to prioritise the different aspects you are thinking of including. Imaginative and thoughtful content always proves popular so be sure to remain as creative as possible throughout the planning stages.

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