Twitter and Customer Service – Great Scope Unleashed !

Clients of web hosting companies must have come across Twitter
several issues over the years. Issues can crop up when it is a
hard drive failure, servers going down, loss of email,
awful customer service or a host of several other woes.
Even some of the hosting relationships
that kicked off on a good note have been
ruined by awful customer service.

One of the most effective ways to provide the most
excellent customer service is through the use of Twitter –
this is the secret behind Hostgator’s effective customer service.

When an unavoidable power failure occurs; there may be other issues
that can prevent a web hosting company’s backup generator to supply
power to the office. This can certainly impact the ability of the hosting
company to offer support to its client online and even via phones.

Therefore, instead of curling up in a ball and go into hiding as a result of the
technical hitch, your hosting company can take advantage of Twitter to keep
clients updated on the situation at hand and also to interact with them.

Hosting services such as HostGator has been enjoying Twitter to keep their customers
informed of such technical issues and they also use Twitter to keep constant touch
with their clients even when there are no technical glitches. Best of all, you can use
mobile devices such as Blackberry phone to update your web hosting company’s
Twitter feed. Of course, this is certainly an excellent customer service!

The tweet to inform customers of the technical issues could be easily and quickly
sent from ‘Twitterberry’ – Blackberry Twitter application. The clients can quickly
retweet the tweet and add their own comments. Our case study web hosting company
(HostGator) continuously kept their clients posted on Twitter at all times they experienced
technical hitches. This they did, with relevant messages such as ‘unable to answer phones’ –
when encountered with such an issue – and stayed in touch until the issue was resolved.
Eventually, they also posted a message to that effect in this manner ‘power is restored, technical issues resolved’.

Indeed, this is a very clever way to use Twitter. A company having a large customer
base should not fail to follow this smart move. Create a Twitter account and extend
invitation to your customers to follow the account. Subsequently, use Twitter to keep
your customer base updated during challenging scenarios as well as every other time.

Twitter is a great and effective customer service technique that can help you stay in tune
with your customers needs when there are technical issues and also at all times like informing
them of changing company policies, website maintenance updates, special offers, upcoming
invoices, seasonal greetings etc. Of course, your customers will be grateful to you and
most importantly, will get used to the comfort of being updated with relevant information on time!

Thanks the TIB Team


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