9 Security Plugins to help Secure your WordPress powered Website

If you are using WordPress as a platform to power Wordpress-Security
your website then security should be your primary concern.
Especially in light of recent reports of an escalating number of
of “brute force” attacks against WordPress powered websites.

We have assembled a list of useful plugins that will help you to increase
the security of your wordpress powered website.

These plugins are in no particular order:

1: Wordfence Security: – This security plugin checks the strength of all
users and admin passwords and block various security threats from hackers.
It also scans core WordPress files that are usually targeted by hackers.

2: WordPress File Monitor Plus: – This plug actually tracks the changes to
your file system and notified you by email, if any file is added, changed or removed.

3: Better WP Security: – This security Plugin helps you to Change the WordPress
database table prefix and scan your website instantly to inform about the vulnerabilities.
It also prevents brute force and bans the worrying BOT.

4: Math Comment Spam Protection: – You can ask your visitor to answer a simple
math question, like 2+3=? .This shows whether your visitor is a human being or a spam robot.

5: Update Notifications: – This plugin actually stops the trouble before it starts.
With this tool in place, you will get updates regarding your plugins, themes,
or core WordPress files via email in a timely manner.

6: Bulletproof Security: – This is one of the highly recommended plugin that utilize
.htaccess file for various functions. Before the malicious scripts even have a chance to
reach the PHP coding in WordPress, Bulletproof Security .htaccess files acts as a shield.

7: WP Security Scan: – This plugin perform various checks on your WordPress site.
It notifies you whether you have latest version of wordpress or not. Also,
you can optionally change your database prefix with this tool.

8: WordPress Sentinel: – This plugin tracks the files in WordPress installation,
rechecks and notifies the administrator of any files that have modified in any way.
This will make hack detection process much easier.

9: Stealth Login: – With this plugin, you can create custom
URLs for logging in and logging out. Also, you can you can
create a URL of your choice that can be much easier to remember than wordpress-login.php


We hope you find these applications of value


The TIB Team

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