Three Software Packages you need for a Web Design Career

Web design is a very popular career option. Career-Tips
The internet is always growing and becoming
an ever-bigger part of daily life.
Websites are now virtually a standard requirement
for companies and organisations, and this fuels
an increasingly high demand for good web designers.

If you are considering a career in web design, there are
several key software packages you should learn about in-depth.

Adobe Dreamweaver

For some years, Dreamweaver has been the standard software package for assembling websites. With very few exceptions, large and small web design companies across the world use Dreamweaver as their go-to solution for building sites. The few exceptions are mostly purists who hold that the best web design software is Wordpad, used to write code from scratch.

Dreamweaver is what is known as a WYSIWYG editor. This stands for ‘What You See Is What You Get’, and reflects the fact that Dreamweaver has the option to view and edit the site visually as well as work directly with code.

Adobe Photoshop

Just as Dreamweaver is the industry standard software package for web design, the near-universal go-to package for advanced graphical applications is Photoshop. Almost every professional in existence who designs or manipulates graphics will need access to Photoshop. Websites contain many graphical elements. As a web designer, you may very well be required to do some graphic design such as creating a banner as well. Even resizing photographs to fit with page elements will usually be done through Photoshop.

However, Photoshop is also an integral part of the web design process for many companies. Producing a website is a creative and highly visual process. As a result, the initial design for how the site is going to look is often produced in Photoshop. This is more than just a concept image, as the framework created in Photoshop will often be imported into Dreamweaver. There, the necessary functionality will be added to the different elements and a complete website will be created directly from the Photoshop file.

Microsoft SharePoint

Being a website designer also requires you to know how to manage and maintain websites. Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most common sets of tools for this purpose. As such, a talent for using Sharepoint 2013 competently is a worthwhile bonus to a web design career. Microsoft claim that 78% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint, so being familiar with the package will make it much easier to work with a lot of clients.

SharePoint is a comprehensive application that contains a lot of tools and functionalities. It handles content management, file management, and a broad range of other tasks related to the running of a website. It is designed to be easily used by non-technical users, but this also helps contribute to its immense popularity. Even though it is designed for easy use by people with less technical knowledge than a web designer, the fact it is so widespread means that knowledge of SharePoint is still a hugely valuable skill.

This article was written by John Bates, a freelance writer from Texas, USA.
He is a Technology enthusiast who loves writing about anything technology related.


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