Submitting your Business to Google Places – How it functions

You would certainly not want to ignore the opportunity to promote your offering (business) and thus generate a level of online exposure via Google Places.

What is Google Places all About?

Google Places replaced the former Google Local Business Centre. Google Place assists web visitors by guiding them on their decision regarding where to go when searching for something online. Google Listings integrate just anything you can think of including hotels, dry cleaning outfits, bike shops and even non-business places such as parks and museums.

People are connected to relevant information from the best sources on the internet by Place Pages, which also displays reviews, photos, important facts and real-time updates as well as offers from those who own businesses.

Procedures for Submitting Your Business to Google Places

First step: Click on ‘List your businesses’ from Google Places. The bulk upload features will enable you to add more than 10 business listings easily.

Second step: Verify if Google Places has already picked up your business. To do this, input your phone contact number on the initial sign up screen to find out if it matches exactly with your business number as well as location. If the matching is right, you can proceed with editing your existing listing. But if it is not matched correctly, you need to create fresh listing and ensure that the Google account you are signed in is the account you want to use.

Third step: Ensure that you do not miss any step that Google guides you through.

Put in all your basic information. Use only categories that are relevant to your business such as payment options, hours of operation, videos, photos, including any other piece of information you want prospects to learn about your business.

Fourth step: Verify your listing. Ensure that you have your phone handy, since Google will call you to verify your listing. Another option for achieving the verification is via SMS or postcard. After the verification, your listing will appear in 12 hours or less. It is now time to monitor the progress of your business listing on Google using a customized dashboard provided within Google Places.

This is virtually all it takes to getting your business listed in Google Places. Once you are done with this process, watch out for the amazing exposure this will bring about for your online business.


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