NVIDIA’s Epic Rise From Zero To $3Trillion

NVIDIA’s Epic Rise From Zero To $3Trillion [Documentary]

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– About Documentary –

Learn about Nvidia’s incredible journey from a small startup to a $3 trillion company in this documentary. Explore Nvidia’s impact on technology, AI, and more, as well as the fascinating story of founder Jensen Huang. If you’re interested in Nvidia stock or the latest Nvidia news, this documentary is a must-watch!

– Brief –
When it comes to tech companies, Nvidia truly has a remarkable story. The company was started with not much money and a dream to change its industry. In the beginning, its bread and butter was in the gaming market but it saw an initial failure with the NV1 and only a few years in, Nvidia was on the brink of bankruptcy. Then came the RIVA 128 that basically saved Nvidia from going under and kept it on the path to greatness. Then came Nvidia’s IPO and the groundbreaking Xbox deal.

As it entered the 2000s, the company began to acquire other firms, strengthen its presence in the gaming sector and found itself in a few controversies along the way. But more important was that Nvidia began exploring deep learning and the possibilities of AI. At the time, AI was not as well-known and used as it is now. No one really knew if it would end up being profitable but Nvidia chose to take a risk on it. Taking risks has been a consistent factor in its success and when it comes to AI, it paid off massively.

00:00 Intro
01:51 Founders
07:54 History
20:01 Nvidia vs Intel
22:49 Early Deep Learning
26:12 Online Crime
28:21 Other Developments
33:05 How Nvidia Makes Money
36:09 Controversies
40:03 Nvidia vs Other Companies
46:04 Nvidia vs The World
48:41 How AI (and Nvidia) Will Take Over The World
53:02 Where Are The Founders Today
55:33 In Retrospect
Credit to : Explorist

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