How to Gain More Influence on Google+

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How To Gain More Influence on Google+
When social media started out it seemed like just another way to talk to friends and family.
Now, social media has the power to actually influence people and much of that is due to Google+.
Writers and bloggers of all kinds, business owners, and everyone else in between would be
wise to build a profile on Google+. Here’s why.

Google is the go-to search engine for virtually everyone (sorry, Bing).
Imagine if you owned a business, wrote a book, started a grassroots organization,
or did just about anything else and people could Google your name and stumble
upon your Google+ profile. Then imagine if those same people saw that you had thousands
or even hundreds of thousands of followers.
That would show that you might just be someone to listen to.

Plus, the more followers you have, the more likely you will pop up in the top search results when
someone Google’s your name, business, or what have you.

Gaining influence can be tricky. After all, building circles on Google+ and getting people
to add you to their circles takes some time.

Follow these tips to really beef up your Google+ experience and become more influential.

1. Before asking others to join your circles, make sure your page is full of interesting content.
It doesn’t matter if the content doesn’t appeal to everyone; enough people exist on Google+ that
there is certainly someone out there who will be interested in your posts.

If you notice the Google+ icon on any piece of content found on the Internet be sure to click it so
that you can add it to your page. If you like something then chances are someone else will, too,
and that person just might add you to a circle.

2. If you own a website or a blog and haven’t already added a badge or a button letting users connect
to your Google+ page and share your content on their pages, do it now. If you’ve already got a good
audience on for your blog or website, then chances are those people will add you to their circles as well.
Plus, these people already follow you in some capacity, so they already think you have some kind of clout.

3. Return the favor and if someone adds you to a circle then add that person to one of yours.
Because Google+ allows users to have as many circles as they want then you can always put people
that are not all that interested in following into a circle that does not show up on your feed.

Along the same lines, ask people already in your circles to ask their followers to add you to their circles.
Just make sure your page is full of interesting content so new followers can find value in getting to know you.
Remember that word of mouth goes a long way, so if someone else recommends you then others are more
likely to think you are someone to follow.

4. Spend time with your own page. If you’re spending 20 minutes a day on other social networking sites
then consider using some of that time to spend on your Google+ page. If you are actively using your page
it encourages others to follow you.

5. Link your other social networking sites to your Google+ page. Even though these people won’t
necessarily be new followers since they already know you in some fashion it will at least help populate your page.
A robust amount of followers makes a Google+ page more attractive to potential new followers.

Be a Good Influence
Through building up your circles, engaging with others on the same platform, sharing content, and hitting the “plus 1” option each time you read an article, watch a video, listen to a song, or do just about anything else online, your own Google+ page will grow. And as your page grows, your influence will as well.

Dana Rasmussen writes about social media, business technology, and influential business people like Steve Wynn.

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