Business Going Local – Using Google Places to Rank Higher on Google

Places Search is one of the latest developments on Google. Google Search is the former Google Local/Google Maps. Sites listed in Google Places are currently listed on top of the search result pages when local searches are conducted. If your business is local area based, it is an excellent idea that you get listed in Google Places.

Tips on Optimizing Your Google Places Listing

There are several factors that influence the way your website is listed on Google Places. Some of those factors include your business’ location, your keywords as well as the industry your business is inclined to.

  • First Ranking Feature: Your Address

Do you want to rank high for keywords associated with a given city? If yes, then it is necessary that your business be located in such a city. For instance, if you want your business to be discovered for local searches in New York, then the physical address of your business must be in New York.

  • Second Ranking Feature: Your Business Category Listing Must be Correct

It is important that your business be listed in the appropriate category on Google Places. It would be a serious mistake and to your disadvantage if you list auto business under real estate category on Google Places!

  • Third Ranking Feature: Put Your Main Keyword in Your Business Name

If you want to improve your chances of being listed in the Google Places results for higher ranking in the main Google result page, then you must ensure that your business’s name contains your main keyword – the keyword you would want visitors to find you with. For instance, if you run an auto business, try and incorporate auto or car in your business name – e.g. John Mark’s Auto.

  • Fourth Ranking Feature: Your Business Web References or Citations

Web references or citations refer to the mentions of your business information – especially your business name and address on other websites. It doesn’t matter whether or not the webpages referencing your business name are linked to your website or not. Some webpages that may list your business address without linking to your site include the local chamber of commerce or yellow pages directory. Citations of your business helps improve its chances of being listed for local searches, hence higher ranking.

  • Fifth Ranking Feature: Positive Reviews

Basically, Google Places is a recommendation search engine; all it does is to recommend local businesses in the search results; it recommends local plumbers, restaurants, hotels and many others. Ensure that your business is worth recommending by offering quality products as well as services.

Positive reviews as well as ratings enable Google to place more value on your business. Thus, it is good idea to encourage your customers to leave positive ratings and reviews when they are pleased with your services.

  • Sixth Ranking Feature: Nearness to the Searched Location

The nearer your business is to the search location, the more chance it has to be listed in the search results.

Take advantage of Google Places today. Target your customer base within local domains and extend your business reach by increasing your search engine ranking for local searches.


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