An Introduction to the Pokémon GO Gaming Craze & how it can benefit your Business

Pokemon Go has become one of the most played games worldwide,
not bad, especially since it was only released last week! 

What is Pokémon GO?
Pokémon GO is a game you can play on your Smartphone or device whereby players seek out and collect
Pokémon GO virtual monsters at real-world locations, like a local Shop or restaurant or City Landmark.

See how its Played:
See this Video Featuring People Actually Playing the game in Public

This presents a great opportunity for retailers, who could use the added footfall through their Shops
at a time when online shopping is keeping shoppers at home.

Examples others are using:
Woolworth’s supermarkets in Australia has already used its Facebook page to tip off gamers on how to catch Pokémon in their Stores, also a Chinese restaurant in Sydney is activating a daily Lure Model to attract
Pokemon and ultimately, more customers.

The game can also provide a way for retailers to take advantage of geo-tagging — where users are targeted with specific advertisements based on their specific location.

That’s just the beginning for traditional retailers around the world, who could
all use some help driving more traffic into their stores.

See how Pokémon GO works in this video by

The end

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