5 Apps to help you organize your Business Writing Notes

All writers will tell you the hardest part of creating their tome is getting organized.
With a desk full of collected articles from writing magazines, research material,
napkins that captured the perfect idea while they were at the coffee shop,
and notebooks and journals packed with ideas, where to start is always a problem.

Here are some innovative ideas to reduce those stacks into manageable information.

1.  Bubbl.us:

The perfect tool for visual thinkers and writers who plot their material using graphics.
An excellent device for organizing material through mind-mapping.

2.  Clipmarks:

Easily save web pages important to your writing research with this browser plugin.
A handy web widget that allows you to clip pages online for future reference.

3. Wisemapping:

Another mind-mapping app with great brainstorming features.

4. Ubernote:

For writers who use stream-of-consciousness as a creative writing tool, this note-taking
app is a good way to organize your ideas.

5. Evernote:

A multi-platform online app to organize your ideas for new pieces, keep track of
writing notes and articles important to your research, earmark websites with a clip,
record and keep track of notes, even take a picture to see what you want to write.

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