Mobile Computing

In today’s business world mobility and flexibility is a key aspect of
running your business.

The ability to access your business data while  on the move as well
as maintaining your communication needs through  mobile internet
access is an important requirement.

We can provide your business with a full mobile computing solution
to suit your business needs.

This can cover the computer hardware in the form of in-car PC solutions
which can turn your vehicle into a mobile office or the provision of a Tablet PC
which can give the individual user access to all their computing needs.

We can also install and support the necessary business software apps
that will allow you manage your business while on the move.

Some of these mobile computing solutions include:

  • In-Car PC
  • Tablets in business

In car PC
Transform your vehicle into a mobile office with the supply and installation of an in-car PC system.
This system will have all the functionalities of a standard PC with the addition of mobile Internet accessibility.
This will allow you manage your day to day business tasks from your vehicle while on the move. More info…

Tablets in business
With the recent development of the Tablet PC market there is now a suitable mobile PC that provides the
computing power of a standard PC and the mobility of a smart device or PDA.
There is also a range of Apps that can be downloaded to the Tablet and used in day to day business. More info…

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