Why a Website Malware infection can be very hazardous to your Business

Website Malware infection

If your website has been infected Website-Scanning by Malware,
it is generally because some vulnerability has
been discovered in the software
that controls your website.

This is because Websites are fast becoming a preferred
tool by cybercriminals in the distribution of malicious
software or malware; mainly because website
visitors are mostly unaware of the potential
threat as well as most malware is unobtrusive
so much so most users are totally unaware
their devices have even been infected.

Google and Website Malware infection

Google blacklists approx 9,500 websites every day for malware distribution
and 90% of malware is distributed by legitimate websites
without their owner’s knowledge, There are typicially
two main types of a Malware infection

1: The Firt type of Malware infection will change the content of the website (for example),
by adding additional fake pages to your website, with the intent of phishing
(tricking users into parting with personal and credit card information).

2: The second type of common infection typically involves,
Injecting malicious code (malware) that infects any device that visits the website,
this is becoming commonly known as drive by downloads where unsuspecting
visitors to the website have their devices infected with various kinds of malware
for criminal purposes.

Protection against Website Malware infection

Did you know that even though your office devices may be protected
by anti-virus Software that security will not necessarily also extend
to your Business website also most hosting companies don’t
provide antimalware scanning services.

Secure your website today

Prevention is always better than cure, by preventing infection you
avoid all the negative aspects of dealing with an infection and the
associated consequences and damage to your online Business.

scan packs

Employ a real-time Anti-Malware Website Scanning service –
This service scans your website constantly and notifies you instantly
once infection is detected; our team is on hand to guide you
through the removal process.

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