What every CIO needs to know about managing a Mobile Workforce


The Mobile workforce is becoming an important part of business today
Having a Mobile workforce enables business to be more flexible and productive.
The key is to make it as easy to work remotely as it is in the office

This video displays the various options Including:

1. A fixed mobile solution
2. An office communications server

Every CIO needs to Manage an efficient secure and reliable communications infrastructure.

The Tools: The hardware and software required.
The Connectivity: The call and data plans and their associated costs and Management
The security of all of the data.

In this great video Dean Branton, Director of Customer Operations,
Kcom reveals how the CIO can use technology.


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  1. Mobile workforce management is quite challenging, but it’s definitely a must skill in managers today, because the trend is unstoppable now. We asked several experts, like Tim O’Reilly, about what challenges this workforce is bringing to economy and management. Some of their answers can be devastating for those companies still in their 20th c mindset: https://beesha.re/mobile_workforce_experts

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