Mobile Business Strategies – The way forward for your business

Using traditional phone land-lines for business purposes mobile
have increasingly become a thing of the past.

Reliable Mobile Connectivity is important

In a tough and competitive business environment,
reliable mobile connectivity can ensure
your place at the top.

This means using wireless technology to run
and operate your business more effectively
and efficiently.

If you are thinking about making that jump,
we can help you evaluate the needs of your company and plan the best solution for you.

Mobile Small Business

Starting up a business, big or small, is no mean feat.
It requires a good amount of effort and time from your end.
This includes long hours of hard work and careful planning of future business needs.

Hence, good mobility is a requirement that every business owner must meet – to
ensure that no business roles and objectives get overlooked.
For small business trying to make a name in the market,
reliable connectivity is one of the keys to success.

Mobile Phone Service

Choosing a good mobile connectivity provider can assist in the following:

  • Mobile connectivity. Stay connected with your business partners,
    peers and clients and get important e-mails and
    updates through mobile devices like iPhone,Blackberry and Palm Pre.
  • Customisable data plans. Access important work data and
    files no matter where you are by using data plans from your mobile phone network. Depending on your business needs, you may get plans that include domestic or
    global data plans.
  • International calling options. You can add international calling and
    data plans into your existing service – whether your company is aspiring to or
    already going global.

Mobile Business Connectivity for Growing Businesses.

We can offer a business communication solution that can grow with
you as your business grows. Using a wireless phone is the ideal choice
as it can adapt to your changing needs. Keeping the interests of your clients should be
your main focus, so you need to have a business communication solution that
can integrate that needs as part of your wireless strategy.

Mobile Business Connectivity Options

There are a number of mobile technology products and
solutions we can provide a business

  • GPS  Tracking/Navigation, for tracking employees, fleet operations and more.
    GPS has become a standard feature in many modern smartphones.
  • Wireless VOIP Phones. VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a
    cost-effective way to make international and high-volume calls over the internet.
    Eliminate long distance phone charges.
  • Virtual PBX Systems. This will allow you portray a single professional image to
    your clients and also allow communication and connectivity of
    calls between the members of staff within the business
  • In-Car PC Systems. This will allow a business to process data on the move and
    access key business files remotely.

Reliable, effective and scalable business communication solutions are critical to
any successful business venture.

Thanks the TIB Team

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