Is your website visible to an estimated 1.2 billion mobile internet users?

It’s estimated that there is currently approx 1.2 billion Internet users
globally now using a mobile device to access the internet.

They are using everything from Smartphone’s, to laptops and tablets,
With more and more business professionals using their mobile devices
to search and find information, so it’s now imperative that B2B marketers
acknowledge the existence of this new and important demographic:

The growth of mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a term used to describe marketing that’s designed to be seen on small screens such as mobile phones or PC tablets. The iPhone is today’s chosen mobile device, with 30 percent of mobile workers selecting it if they had only one choice, followed by an iPad (22 percent) and a laptop (21 percent).  So chances are some of your customers have already tried to access your website from a mobile device of some sort.
So creating a mobile-friendly version of your website is an essential means of increasing your ability to reach this growing demographic of mobile professionals out on the road working away from the office. This is especially important if you are promoting B2B products or services.

How can you tell if your website is displaying on mobile devices like the iPhone:

There are a number of free websites available that will allow you test to see how your website will display on these mobile devices, here is one such tool that displays how your website will display on the iPhone:

We also have this article: 7 Great Tools to see how your website looks on the iPhone

What if it’s not displaying correctly?

If your website is not compatible with these devices how can you overcome this challenge?
One solution is to upgrade to a next generation website, this is because they are compatible with all of the latest mobile devices and can also be optimised further through the use of various third party plugins to provide a website that will be accessible to a wide variety of devices of various screen sizes and resolutions.

New complete specialist service

Our associates over at Next generation websites offer a number of choices and
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Next Generation websites

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