Google+ recent upgrade & it’s new importance to your Business Networking

Recent Googleplus updates

In recent days Google have rolled out a Google-Plus-Community
major upgrade of their Google+ platform,
which includes no less than 41 new features.

We believe these new enhancements coupled with their
communities feature has turned this platform into the
single most important networking platform for business today.

Google+ is the 2nd largest social networking Platform gloablly

Its estimated that 500 million people have already
created Google Plus accounts and of these some 135 million
are active, to contrast this Facebook claims to have 701 million
active users, so Google+ has now become a very
significant player in the area.

Because of this we believe it should be a priority now for every
business to take advantage of Google + to enhance their on-line
profile and build new business to business relationships via
social Networking tools like google+

Some of the new or enhanced features of Google + include :

  • A cleaner, neater layout where all the enhanced functions are easily accessible
  • A pinterest style information stream that can be customised for
    single or multi column layout to cater for new devices.
  • Automatically incorporating hash-tags into posts and then
    providing similar or related content on demand.
  • Adds animations to sharebox and post cards and image enhancement tools.
  • The new hangout app that takes over from Google chat/talk
    and can incorporate text, voice and video communications.
  • Ability to easily create and join communities.


Join the Business Support Network Google community

To take advantage of the new Google + developments we have created a
Business Support Network community page where our existing members
can migrate to quickly.

Also as Google + has also placed a significant emphasis
on using hash-tags to categorize their content just like twitter our
existing regional Business network hash-tags will be a perfect fit
and will help our followers proper on this new a fast growing
Business networking channel.

So what are you waiting for?
come on over and join us there

Please note there is a regional category for all of our
9 regions and the Global network, so you can interact
at any level of business: local, regional or international.

The Business Network Support Team

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