The growing importance of Google+ to Business Networking

Google+ or Google Plus

Google+ or Google Plus is the latest thing on the Business-Networking
social networking arena.  It currently stands as
the second largest social networking site.
It was launched on the 28th of June 2011 and integrated
a number of products offered by Google.

But Google+ is not just another social networking site, with its features;
it helps businesses establish their identity and network.

Features of Googleplus ( Goolge+ )

Since its launch in 2011, Google+ has upgraded and enhanced its features to now include –

  1. A clean and neat layout with easily accessible features.
  2. An information stream similar to pinterest with an option to have a single or multiple columns.
  3. Create and join communities or Circles, based on similar interest levels.
    Here you can even join as a brand.
    You can have multiple circles within you contacts and share information with specific circles.
    This enables you to decide your target audience.
  4. Google Hangout, which has now replaced Google chat or Google Talk
    and can also incorporate text, voice and videos.
  5. Data can be shared across all Google Applications.
    This helps businesses already using Gmail, GoogleDocs,
    etc to seamlessly share information.
  6. Google+ automatically creates hash-tags for your content similar to twitter
    and then when required, you can search for content based on these hash-tags.

There are 41 such features including games and chats that you can check and use based on your requirements.

Googleplus and other networking websites

Now, having said all this, is Google+ just another “Facebook” or LinkedIn? No,
there are a few similarities and a few differences –

  1. The layout of Google+ is similar to Facebook and so, it is easier to use, for people
    who are familiar with Facebook.
  2. Google Plus may appear to be a form of professional networking like LinkedIn,
    but, LinkedIn is good to catch up with people and look for job opportunities, but Google+
    is useful for businesses to increase their presence and contact their current or potential customers.


Considering that it has features provided by leading networking sites like Facebook,
Linkedin and Twitter, as well as enhancements of its own, it is currently
the single most important networking platform.


Advantages to businesses –

  1. You can join Google+ as a brand and connect with potential customers as
    well as existing customers who are on Google. The “Circles” feature enables
    you to target specific groups of customers.
  2. If you have a widespread business, employees everywhere can be contacted via Circles and Hangout.
  3. Google Hangout allows conference calls, meetings and video conferences. It is easy to use and unique to Google+.
  4. A Google+ page can have one owner but around fifty managers and so, updates to your company’s profile page are easy.


The main advantage as can be seen is that your business can use an existing well-established
platform of Google and its Applications and twist it to suit your needs.



No matter whether you are big or small, Google+ is the place for you. So, you can start today
by creating an account for your company or brand. Then you can create a page for yourself
with attractive content and then Hangout in your Circles using Google+.

Thanks the TIB Team

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