Better Website Design can increase your Online conversion rates

Having an internet business is as Business-Tips
grueling as having a real store.
The virtual store behaves in a
similar manner as any real store
when it comes to increasing the customer base.

The customers have to be enticed to your internet
store with lot of tactics and means.

The designing of your website is a big factor in alluring visitors to
your site and ultimately converting them into customers.
The sale conversion will increase manifold if the following tips are kept in mind.

    • Low load time:
      People will refrain from visiting a site if it takes too long to load.
      The site load time should be less so as to attract more traffic.
      It is like having a store far away from the civilization.
      People will not like to visit a store that is far off as it will take too much of time.


    • Concentrate on your product:
      The website should not be filled with unnecessary links, affiliate ads, and
      images that have no relevance to your site.
      These are like clutters in a store which will stop the visitors to stop.
      The website should be designed in such a way that it gives
      ample information about the product you are selling.


    • Website should look like a business destination:
      Many website designers design a merchandise website like a social site.
      This is a big mistake which has to be avoided at any cost.
      The decorum of the business has to be maintained and the background of
      the website should give a clear message that it means business.


    • The price points are to be visible:
      If you want the visitors to compare the prices of your products with
      other stores, then make the price points visible on your site.
      If possible give a comparative price of other companies also.


    • Easy site navigation:
      The visitor should not get into too much of maze while visiting your website.
      Help them to navigate through your site with clear-cut instructions.
      They should be guided about the things that they will find on your site.


    • Use flash carefully:
      Don’t use too much of flash or animation in your website as it will increase
      your bounce rate. The flash also eats up a lot of bandwidth.


    • Use Audio clip cautiously:
      Sometimes, the webmasters also put an audio clip with the flash which
      is not a correct decision. Many people shop from their office and
      they would not like their colleagues or seniors to know what they are doing.
      If you wish to put an audio clip, use a button so that the visitors can listen to
      it if they want to.


    • Make yourself trustworthy:
      Many people are scared to shop online as they are not too sure about
      the merchandiser. It is therefore mandatory that you give your contact
      information on every page of your website with local and toll free phone number.


These simple tips are not only very useful in making your website user friendly,
but will also increase your conversion rate.

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