5 great Social Media marketing apps for business

With the growth in internet traffic via Social Media it is very important
for a business CRM-Managementto be able to tap into this resource.
A social media marketing plan has to be a large
part of any Internet based business growth strategy.

To assist in this area we have listed 5 apps and tools that will help you achieve your business marketing goal.

iContact is an email and social media marketing app. With iContact cloud app you can grow and manage your business contacts, create various lists, add contacts and divide lists into marketing segments. You can create new custom fields for mail-merge options and generate a sign-up form to place on your website.

North Social
North Social software helps you create and manage custom Facebook pages.
This includes up to 18 applications for Facebook pages and help them execute a variety of marketing tasks.
These apps also can be used in other Social media platforms and through various Mobile device based apps

Post Planner
Post planner is an app that you access inside of Facebook. You can ue it to plan and schedule Facebook posts to your Pages and Groups. You can salso share Blogposts automatically via RSS. The app allows you add your Brandname, Logo and Website Link under every Facebook post.

Wibiya Social Bar
The Wibiya bar is a free, easy to use tool that allows you to integrate loads of apps through your website. The Wibiya apps marketplace offers a wide variety of apps, including social tools, analytics, content promotion, monetization and much more with only a few basic clicks.

Storefront Social
With Storefront Social you can easily create a Facebook shop within minutes. It will allow you use your existing online shop and import your preferred products into Storefront Social and create exclusive offerings for your followers or fans to encourage word-of-mouth marketing. This will enable you reach more qualified customers by having your shop products available via Social Media.


We hope you find these applications of value


The TIB Team

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