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Featured Technology Videos


The latest Innovations in Humanoid , Robotic & Cyborg Technology

Humanoid AI Robots & Cyborg Technology A Video featuring some of the latest developments in Robots & Cyborg technology where engineer’s are constructing a language of touch that both a computer and a human can understand.


IBM’s new Watson will Bring Health Care Technology to the Cloud

Watson will Bring Health Care Technology to the Cloud A Video featuring the new Watson Health Cloud platform linking IBM with Apple, in a new technology to let health care companies analyze patient data.


How Technology is being used to Streamline more efficient Border Controls

Technology helps to process Travelers more Efficiently A Video featuring new Technology that is been used to streamline Passport control processing creating greater efficiency and less stress for the Traveler.


Do tiny Ants hold the secret to the Fuel of the Future?

The Secret to the Fuel of the Future A Video about Formic Acid that it is a natural substance secreted by Ants and how it’s also a great candidate to be our liquid fuel of the future. Safe to use and high in hydrogen this fuel can also be used in a fuel cell to […]


Transport Service Employing new Smart Paint Technology

New Smart Technology for Vehicles A Video featuring a Bus operator in the UK is the first to use a new smart Paint Technology, which allows them to change the colour of the Bus in real time to match customer demand.

Featured Articles


How Managing Driver Behavior Adds up in your Business

As a fleet manager, you’ll find that poor driver behavior will quickly cause your business costs to add up. Monitoring and managing driver behavior is essential in running an efficient fleet, and it’s easier than you might think. Here are some benefits you will experience by Managing the Behavior of your Drivers: Improve Employee Productivity […]


Robot Scientist could make Drug Development Faster and much Cheaper

Automation is a growing phenomenon within many areas of scientific development especially within the area of research and development of new medicines. Diseases like malaria and other tropical diseases infect millions of people across the world annually. The pharmaceutical industry is constantly striving to create new drugs to combat and treat these diseases because of […]


Soon Machines will be able to Smell, even better than Humans

We have heard of Machines that can think (Artificial intelligence), work (robots), talk (speech enablement). Now, we are on the pathway to developing Machines that can even Smell and considering the accuracy that can be built into machines, in the future, maybe we will have machines that can smell even better than Humans! A team […]


Top 10 Programming Languages every Developer should know in 2015

The requirement for programmers in the  IT sector is increasing at a rapid pace. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics conducted a survey and has concluded that, in the past seven year the IT programming sector has grown by 8% Year on Year. On an average, A programmer at the top of his or her game […]

Other Articles


What can Big Data do for your Small Business?

How Big Data is being utilized by Small Business? An infographic all about how Small Business are utilizing Big Data to improve efficiencies and increase productivity within their day to day operations and what tools are out there. You can also find more infographics at Visualistan


The importance of Effective Packaging in Selling your Product

Effective Product Packaging plays an important role in influencing the Consumer Packaging plays an important role in influencing the Consumer, here is an infographic with tips on how to generate effective packaging that is more likely to be a hit among consumers so that your product can outperform those of your competitors.


A Guide to online Advertising for Small Business

Advertising for Small Business today Online The Internet enables small Business to market much easier and cheaper than ever before. There are many options available to small business this infographic provides a graphic guide to the options available. You can also find more infographics at Visualistan


How Safe are your Business Passwords?

An infographic with trends in Data Protection in Business An Interesting infographic concerning Data Protection in Business, outlining statistics and trends in Security and common forms of Data Breaches. – An infographic by the team at Kiandra IT


A list of great Shortcuts & Hot Keys to help you get more from Basecamp

Shortcuts & Hot Keys for getting more from Basecamp Basecamp is an online collaboration tool for project management in Business, it helps busy Office Professionals & Project Managers keep Projects, discussions and documents organized. Here is a great infographic with some great short cuts and hot keys to help you improve your efficiency.

Great Online Technology Resources

Free Stock Images

8 great Online Mapping Tools to help you manage your Business

To increase the visibility of your website  there are a range of mapping tools that can be integrated. In this context, we have collected some of the best mapping tools available for you. They are listed here in no particular order:- 1: Maporama- Maporama includes layers such as parks, commercial and industrial areas and even street numbers. If […]


A list of Content Marketing Tools for your Business

Digital Marketing Tools for your Business Digital Marketing is an important aspect of Business today. Here is a list of Content Marketing Tools to help you setup, deploy and Manage your Digital Marketing Campaigns. Content Marketing Tools View more lists from Doug Kessler


A list of the Top iPad Sales Apps to help Manage your Sales

Top iPad Sales Apps for Business If you Manage a sales team or just use the Ipad in a small Business then here is a list of great Ipad Apps to help your grow and Manage your Sales and Marketing.


Top 100+ Learning Tools to help you grow your Business

100+ Learning Tools for Business Training is an important aspect of Business in todays digital World. Here is a list of the top 100 Learning Tools to help you grow your Business. Top 100+ Learning Tools on Planet Earth! View more lists from Zaid Ali Alsagoff


5 great Spreadsheet Tools to help you manage your Business

Data analysis and interpretation is very  important for any business and spreadsheet tools can assist in this area. We have collected 5 of the best spreadsheet tools for you.   Here they are in no particular order. xlCompare:- Merge and compare Microsoft Excel worksheets with xlCompare. xlCompare quickly merge differences using special commands, clipboard or drag-n-drop. Editgrid: […]


Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Web Based Apps for Small Businesses

Best Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) Web based Apps for Small Businesses     Effective Customer Relationship management is essential to your business success, its the best approach for creating and maintaining relationships with your customers. We have assembled a list of the best web based CRM Applications for you. These web based CRM apps ensure you are in control and […]

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