What is BYOD? (Bring Your Own Device) [ Video ]

A great Video from BT explaining what BYOD is , or Bring Your Own Device

BYOD is a new term used to describe a trend where employee’s are
bringing their own devices personal devices to work. These include
Smartphones/Tables and are a feature of an increasingly tech
savvy workforce.

This presents both opportunities and challenges for business.

On the positive side this means employees are able to work while away from the
office and stay up to date with emails outside working hours, which can increase
their effectiveness and productivity.

On the downside this also presents new challenges for the IT manager as
simply allowing new external devices connect to the office network
poses obvious risks.

A solution is to develop a BYOD Policy whereby devices are permitted but
under certain conditions, IE, Limited to what they can access and also
sufficient virus protection.

Having a BYOD Policy will afford employees the freedom to work remotely,
and increases the flexibility of your workforce.

However it is important to assess and manage the risks before
giving employees free rein to link their devices to company network

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