The LTE Connected Car, is this the Future of the Automobile?

Have you ever thought about living out of your car?
The LTE Connected car brings you a fantastic number
of services that take in-car technology to a whole new level.

All of the things that you can do with your television
such as on-demand television services
and entertainment are all possible with
the connected car. This is all in addition to navigating
systems and electronic diagnostics.
All of this is made possible by connecting the car to the long term evolution – or LTE – network.

See this: A video all about the LTE Connected Car 


What does the Connected Car provide?

Alcatel’s connect program has come up with the idea of the connected car to give you all the functionality you could hope for by pooling together technology and applications from a variety of software and technology companies to include QNX and GameStreamer, right the way through to car manufacturers such as Toyota. Think of a smart phone in terms of a
highly connected car, connected to a high-speed network and you get the same smart technology, but on wheels.

The Connected Car allows you to operate your devices through a touchscreen so that you can select information technology, in-car entertainment, or navigation systems to assist you as you drive your car.


On-demand television, gaming services, and more

Just as you can sit at home and select on-demand services to allow you to watch whatever you choose whenever you choose, you can use your touch screen to select video and television content all whilst you are in your car. You can access your games and choose multi-player options so that your passengers can play against each other or within anyone else in the world, just as you would expect from your console at home. You can link your car to whatever security you have at home. You can also link into your home to control lighting, climate, or security cameras and stream your camera’s video to your car.


Wireless internet and vehicle scheduling, plus many other benefits

Your car will provide you with wireless internet so that your smart phone or those of your passengers can tap into a wireless connection to allow for free internet access whilst you are driving.

Advance satellite navigation systems allow you to check for real time traffic updates as well as weather alerts and possible delays further down the road. You can also expect your connected car to collect information about how your car is performing, as well as details of its geographical position, and the condition of the road it is driving on, all of which can be shared with other drivers.


What makes the connected car a possibility?

A high degree of network connectivity, cloud technology, and in-car computation make the LTE connected car a possibility to provide customers with an enhanced driving experience, not to mention a comfortable journey for passengers. The Connect program is set to increase profits not just for car manufacturers, but for network operators and those that provide the applications for the service.


The End.


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