The Advantages of using a Virtual office for your Home based Enterprise

Many People who start a Business often wonder Workplace-Technology
if they need to have a physical office.
This is where many make a mistake to think
that it’s just an unnecessary expense, at least
when you are starting a business.

So let’s evaluate some of the important points that favour the use of using
virtual office companies instead of renting a physical space for activities you can do.

A physical space is not always needed for a business to work nowadays.
We mention some cases of people who started out working in some space in the house, as the creators of Google did, who started using their garage as an office; this helped them reduce costs in their business to start with.

However, working from home does not mean you don’t suddenly need everything you’re offered in a well-established office, because if you want to give a professional image to your clients you must offer what other businesses do. That is, as a place to communicate or a place where you can go to meet them, this is something that most companies will offer at business centres within their virtual office packages.

The advantages of a Virtual Office:
Having a virtual office company allows you to manage your Business from home, since you can work from anywhere, and you’ll have the assurance that if a client, investor, etc. wants to communicate your business, there will be someone there to take your messages or receive your parcels. All this can be done for a fraction of the cost of renting a physical office.

Another advantage of using virtual office companies is that you can choose the direction where it will be located, since the vast majority of companies in business centres offer their customers addresses in commercial buildings, or exclusive and similar areas. And that’s where your customers can contact you if you need it.

Virtual office companies allows you to have a presence in many more points of your country or the world. In addition to the above, it is much cheaper to develop a physical office, which will take time. People will have to, besides having to manage personnel, equip the office, create and maintain a schedule and countless more distractions that will make you not concentrate on your business.

How to increase productiveness of virtual offices
Studies show that almost 50% of professionals worldwide now work remotely via computers. This has become a way to collaborate with co-workers who you have never met face to face.

Here are 7 ways to make a more productive remote Business:

1: Meet with everyone several times a Day
Wherever you are with the team, daily meetings have to be regular and work toward a goal. You must ensure that the seniors and other team members have confidence and understand what you’re doing.

2: Use technologies to build trust
Try to maintain a WhatsApp group chat open all day. It helps your team to discuss as they would if they were working side by side, asking questions or making and sharing ideas. Moreover, a system of micro-generation automated reporting allows everyone to share the small progresses- when a person completes a task, the group receives an alert. This keeps everyone in the loop, and allows them to compare their own productivity against its peers.

3: Give each team member the opportunity to use a professional Workspace
Everyone needs a quiet work space, with the possibility of doing this at home. Having virtual office companies offering independent work, and space to get away from the distractions of traditional offices, you can increase the productivity of remote workers.

4: Maintain processes and Work Objectives
The operational processes are vital. Things like approval procedures, control of quality control and daily goals must be kept clear. Consider developing new employment contracts to help people understand that these processes must be embedded in everything we do.

5: Meet in Person
Once or twice a year, the whole team should get together during a face to face meeting or a strategic planning session. It is much more convenient for a relationship between everyone.

6: Build Team Spirit
Organise a weekly online game, or an ordinary contest via Skype, or just use instant messaging to socialise. Your virtual office should never create strangers.

7: Arrange one to one Meetings
One of the main arguments against allowing telecommuting is the trust of business: Organise frequent meetings one-on-one with your manager, and direct reports to review the productivity report their successes, listen to comments and define your next set of goals.

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