Five Best iPhone Apps for Professional Networking

Toughest part of networking is meeting people. Apps
For new businesses these 5 iPhone
apps would highly be beneficial

Hashable is the best way to manage all of
your important relationships on any
device (mobile and desktop).

Track your meetings, calls and other events.
Send follow-up messages or your virtual
business card. Remember when and where
Easily search for your contacts and view a history of each relationship.
Follow up Later Maintain the strength of your relationships
by setting follow-up reminders for any contact.

Hurricane Party
Hurricane Party is a free iPhone app that helps you find, share, and create
last-minute gatherings with your friends. Hurricane Party replaces email chains,
voicemails, and confusing group chats with a single place where you can both
discover where your friends are going to be today and also let them know your
plans for the day. Hurricane Party moves your online experience offline —
making social networking actually social.

Access your connections, profiles, and network updates wherever you go with LinkedIn’s mobile applications. With these free apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Palm Pre, you can take your LinkedIn network with you and connect with new contacts on the go. And for all other phones, just visit from any mobile browser to find all your LinkedIn basics in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified and traditional). With these mobile tools, you can skip the business card with new introductions and always be prepared before entering any business meeting.


Happening finds events near you, and lists them in chronological order so you know what’s really happening. Find any event on Upcoming, no matter where in the world it’s going on. Bands to barcamps, it’s all at your fingertips. Once you sign in using your Upcoming account, your Friends’ events are there for your perusal. Keeping your calendar in check is easy, with a dedicated tab for viewing events you’re interested in.

Aloqa is a mobile service that proactively notifies users about social opportunities such as Facebook friends close by, and recommends interesting places, services and events in their vicinity. Once you download and start Aloqa, you need to just look at your phone and it shows you constantly refreshed, live information about people, places and events based on your location, profile, preferences and social relationships. Aloqa is very good at “pushing” interesting notifications to your phone based on a rough understanding of where you are in real time, but without ever recording where you are.


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