DirecTV considering more Online Presence with Hulu

The online video streaming network, Hulu is on the auction block. Technology-News
When the rumor first emerged there were a number of suitors at
their door, in the same way the Israeli GPS network Waze was recently
until Google picked them up for 1.1 billion dollars. However, now DirecTV
has become the number one candidate for the purchase of Hulu.
DirecTV subscribers are all likely anxiously awaiting what will happen
and how this may increase their access to streaming TV shows.

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This is just one of many deals that are in talks in the tech world that are centered around content.
It seems like nearly every major player in the industry is making moves into content production or creation.
Yahoo, Amazon, Apple and Netflix each has some buzz swirling around them regarding new
programming or a new variety offering. Whether you watch, listen, read and even smell
(in the case of new Honey Boo Boo Season 2 promotion) there is something coming down
the pipelines from seemingly every major player in the near future.

In the last decade streaming services have really taken off, supplementing the
traditional television sets that most people watch with their computer and mobile device screens.
As “smart TVs” (which are Internet enabled media hubs) rose in popularity, the divide
between broadcast and cable providers versus the new Web based players has become so
small it is hard to see at this point. It is no wonder that all these tech companies are jockeying
for position in the media sector, our eyes are glued to at least one screen on almost a continual basis.
Tablets stream music and videos in the background of many offices, mobile devices make the work
commute go a little faster. We need and want these pastimes to occupy our minds when our minds
need to relax, undue its belt and space out for a while.

In case you were wondering, Hulu is a streaming services launched in partnership by the biggest
media players on the block in 2007. All the major “old school” broadcast players were
involved (NBC, ABC, FOX and TBS) plus a wide collection of other smaller contributors
from around the industry offer their programming as well.

This is not just a place to catch an episode you might have missed but also a platform
to expand the universe of viewers favorites programs and the world of that our favorite
characters inhabit. In addition to the many seasons of hit shows that are available there
are webisodes exclusives, footage from behind the scenes, new media content, plus it
offers clips and trailers for up and coming content. The platform opens up the option to
become more deeply engrossed while also creating a new outlet for networks to pipe
their programming through. It really is a win-win scenario for viewers and the producers alike.

With the recent launch of Hulu’s own original programs they are now drawing viewers to the
network for new content that cannot be viewed anywhere else. Is it any wonder that a company
like DirecTV wants a piece of the action? Picking up this network positions them well amongst
their competition. Also, if DirecTV does not pounce on the opportunity to box out its
competitors from this deal someone else will surely take the chance.

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