Benefits of using Time Clocking Software in your Business

Creation of new Time Clocking Software

Managing an office payroll has changed drastically over the Time-Management
years with the creation of new time clocking software.

In times past, when the job was done manually, it was expensive
and time consuming. Employees were generally expected to
record their time by hand or to punch a clock,
the cards were then accumulated and tallied before being
passed on to another person who factored in overtime,
expenses and other things and then it was passed
on to someone else for payment.

That archaic method of record keeping had its own set of it pitfalls that can
now be easily replaced with new computer payroll programs that
are much easier and faster to use for many reasons.


Reliable Data
The problem with using this ancient method of record keeping had to do
with the reliability and accuracy of the data used.

Employees were on the honor system, and there was always the issue of human error.
Numbers could easily have been transposed or misapplied in some way.
Countless hours could be spent in the entire process.

With the new software options data collection and processing of all aspects
of payroll are automatically collected and calculated within your company’s
computer system. These systems can almost completely eliminate the possibility
of human error or even outright falsifying of certain information.

Saves Time
With the manual method of processing payroll, you find the time consuming
task of collecting data and inputting that data into either a data processing system or a ledger.
This could take as much as 5 minutes per employee just to input the data and even
more time to verify and factor in items such as payroll taxes, insurance deductions,
or overtime pay.  With the new payroll software, this massive consumption of time
frees up those workers for other jobs in your company.

It Saves Money
Consider the amount of money a company has to pay a team of payroll workers to
do this task; the cost of this new software is only a fraction of the cost.
Nearly every business is already taking advantage of the efficiency of using computers
so there is no added expense in purchasing any special technology to run the program.
For most businesses, the cost of the entire software package would
be far less than the cost of their payroll today.


Overall, a business that is running its payroll on time clocking software can feel confident
that they are making the best use of employee time and skill. They will also save money,
not only because of reducing the risk of human error, but also in terms of manpower.
In this regard, many businesses have found that using this type of software has
been very beneficial overall.

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