5 great Spreadsheet Tools to help you manage your Business

Data analysis and interpretation is very Small-Business-Tools
important for any business and spreadsheet
tools can assist in this area.

We have collected 5 of the best
spreadsheet tools for you.


Here they are in no particular order.

xlCompare:- Merge and compare Microsoft Excel worksheets with xlCompare. xlCompare quickly merge
differences using special commands, clipboard or drag-n-drop.

Editgrid: – It is one of Collaborative spreadsheet service available in the market. You can connect to live data sources and it delivers data on demand.

Dependency Auditor: – Work with complex spreadsheets
with Dependency Auditor. This tool helps you to easily navigate
through dependencies, quickly find cells you need,
and save contents of the window.

NumSum: – It is easily shareable web spreadsheet service.
You can easily track all your group data together.

: – LockXLS makes formulas and VBA code which is unavailable
to your customers and adds various registration options.
This tool will be converted to an application and would be really helpful.


We hope you find these tools of value


The TIB Team

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