5 Great Backlink Management Tools for your Business

Building strong Authoritive backlinks is Business-Tools-8
the key to your link building success
and a very important aspect of search
engine optimisation.

We have collected some of the best back
link checking tools, which will help you identify
the best candidates and your existing backlink profile.



Here they are in no particular order:-

1: AHrefs: – AHrefs provides you the detail information on
how your site links are increasing or decreasing.
It also tells you the percentage breakdown of
anchor text pointing to your site.

2: Analyze Backlinks: – Analyze Backlinks comes with different options.
As per your requirement, you can select a number of options
depending on the business needs.  Some of them show links
only from homepage, Total Links, Anchor Text, etc.

3: Link Diagnosis: – This tool works best with Firefox and
provides good results. You can check backlinks
for single pages or whole websites.



4: Rank Signals: – With Rank Signals, you can effectively monitor
your backlinks. You can easily identify the PageRank of the page
from where you are getting a backlink.

5: Dig Backlink: – This tool requires you to sign up with your Facebook account.
Thereafter you will be able to generate backlink reports for your blog.
It also provides useful information like Pagerank and
mozRank of the domain.


The TIB Team

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