16 great Online resources to help you Manage your Business Finances

If you’re looking for an online accounting Samsung-Galaxy-Note-2
app to manage your small or medium sized business,
a way to write and deliver professional proposals
quickly, an easy to understand stock market
update, or a way to keep an eye on the big companies
for marketing or employment opportunities, keep reading.


1.  QuoteRoller
This program is perfect for business owners who loathe
the idea of writing anything. QuoteRoller decreases the
frustration of creating job proposals and helps you organize
and track them to strengthen your business.

A web based service, QuoteRoller has proposal templates that include
sample text to get you started. Once you register on their site, you scroll through their proposal
templates, choose one, revise the sample text to meet the needs of your unique proposal, and
add your contact information. Block buttons can be used to skip certain blocks. The completed
proposal can be printed and sent online to your customers. Three (3) proposals a month are
included in the free package. More proposals and the ability to include collaborators on your
account are part of the premium packages.

2.  ProposalPad
An online service to create business proposals, ProposalPad will help you design proposals for
your business and assist you to manage the proposals. If you need several different types to
cover the variety of products or services you offer, ProposalPad gives you 20MB free to design
several.  Proposals customized with your company name, logo, information, services and products,
as well as terms and conditions, affiliations, and testimonials are some of the items you can include
on your proposals. Once you open an account, the information you enter into the ProposalPad
system is collated and given to you in a PDF file. Modifications for individual customers can be
archived online and easily accessible to download when you need them. The proposal files can
also be embedded on your company website. If you need more than the free 20MB account,
premium packages are available.

3.  Upstartly
Starting a business is risky, but starting one online with worldwide competition is even riskier.
Upstartly gives you an advantage. You can check your new idea for its success potential before
you step out and launch. Once you register on Upstartly and enter the information for your
business idea, they provide you with a URL, which you can share publically to solicit feedback
from possible customers. Their feedback will help you formulate a game plan to go forward,
make adjustments, or ditch the idea. If you decide to go forward, Upstartly users can pay to
be part of the private beta testing.

4.  SohoOs
Management solutions for small businesses and freelancers, SohoOs is a web based service that
organizes information and data for easy access. SohoOs offers integration with your social media
accounts and supports text messaging. After you enter your company details and data, SohoOs
divides the information into distinct categories, e.g. calendar, accounts, contacts, sales, inventory,
marketing, and finance. Having this information in an organized manner and easily accessible
improves customer relations, provides quick access to service rates, and processes your invoices
in a timely manner. Payments can be processed via PayPal or credit cards.

5.  Quotebase
Designed for busy business owners who need quick access to company information for the
production of new and adjusted job proposals, Quotebase gets the job done efficiently. A
web based service that generates expert quotes with quick turnaround. Quotebase has a
collaborative app that allows other members of your business to prepare the quote. Documents
can be uploaded with your customized quotes and include currency conversions and your
company logo. A preview of the drafted quote is available in a PDF file. The final can be sent
online. All quote drafts and final documents can be saved on Quotebase, further organizing
your business with all quotes filed in one place. This expedites revisions.

6. StockTwits
Great idea for saving time and making money – StockTwits is a web based app that keeps
traders on the stock market up to date with streaming in real time. StockTwits is aimed at stock
market beginners but is another tool for seasoned stock followers to add to their information
arsenal. Now with a quick glance at your Twitter account, you can get stock tips from investors.
Getting info and advice from the investor community through StockTwits enables you to expedite
your decision making on what to buy and what to dump. A big step-up is the ability that StockTwits
gives you to get stock updates on not only your desktop, but website widgets, smartphones,
WordPress plug-in, iPads, and browser extensions. And if that isn’t enough, you can sign up for
StockTwits TV Live.

7.  GoneGoogle
According to Google, they will save you a lot of money if you switch to their apps, and they’re
happy to show you their stats on the GoneGoogle website. Once you enter your company’s
name and employee count, they will calculate what you will save if you switch to Google apps
from Microsoft apps like Outlook, Office, etc.  Included in the barrage of slides are your savings
from improved productivity and storage costs and it’s all calculated per employee. You can
choose to download the information for sharing within your organization on a PDF file, Google
Docs, email, poster, or a URL. Free.

8.  Map-Of-The-Market
Map-Of-The-Market (MOTM) is a succinct and user-friendly way to follow hundreds of stocks
simultaneously. The color-coded, graphic depiction of stocks can be customized, sorted by
industry, etc. Its legend couldn’t be easier to understand – the bigger the stock’s rectangle,
the bigger its market cap. Green means the stock price has climbed; red means the stock
price has declined. If the stock can’t make up its mind, the rectangle turns dark for neutral. An
‘N’ means the company’s news is updated. Click on the rectangle of your choice and a vertical
menu appears so you can choose specifically what you want to know about a company. This
highly informative mapping of stocks updates every fifteen (15) minutes all on its own, and you
can even customize that by time frames and add highlights. If control panels are the bane of your
existence, hide it.  Free with no registration.

9.  Tracked
There are a lot of reasons to keep track of company executives particularly in this day of rapid
turnover to see what positions have opened. The same applies to tracking companies – not the
least of which is for investment purposes. Are they downsizing or growing, adding affiliates,
what’s their market share, what are the new products? Do they need a new marketing team? A
new IT Exec? Tracked is a web site that offers a broad base of company data to include leaders,
employees, finance, insider trading, stock value, compensation packages, etc. If you’re into bars
and charts, graphics are included. Privately or publicly, you can set up corporate watch-lists –
both people and companies – track data, create new business connections, and even track what
those connections are tracking.  Free accounts are available. Currently only in the United States.


10.  PocketSmith
Every business needs to know where they stand at any given point, but creating spreadsheets and
struggling with complicated accounting programs frequently nips enthusiasm for up-to-date records.
PocketSmith, an online accounting service, can help you get caught up, stay caught up, and keep on
top of where the company’s financial position. With this web based package, you will be able to forecast
cash flow every day if you want. Imagine that you enter all your financial data, starting with the current
cash balance and including planned future financial events, e.g. a balloon payment, and like magic
PocketSmith wades through the data, produces forecast graphs, and gives you a basic cash flow
statement. Wasn’t that easy? And the program will import your transactions in a CSV file or you can
enter them yourself, so you have a comparison of actual vs. forecasted profits and losses. For presentation
purposes or for your eyes only, graphical representation of income statements are available. An annual
analysis of expenses and income is maintained. All of this makes financial planning and tracking much
easier and sustains progress. If you’re on the go and need the data available in places other than your
desktop,  PocketSmith integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook,  and iCal.


11.  BionicBooks
Another online accounting program, BionicBooks, focuses on small and start-up businesses which
need a good accounting tool that doesn’t break the bank. BionicBooks is a free web based service,
user friendly with a tab interface, simple explanations of accounting terms, and is confidential. The
package organizes your data for both every day and tax accounting purposes. BionicBooks lets you
maintain an updated profit and loss statement and balance sheet. Their online user community
shares tips and questions to help each other.

12.  Outright
Currently for U. S. customers only, Outright is a web based accounting system designed for small
businesses. Outright tracks expenses and income, maintains profit and loss data, and calculates
taxes. Integrated with FreshBooks to create invoices, the package has graph features and generates
reports for a detailed analysis of your financial position. Educational articles on taxes and forms of
payment such as PayPal and credit cards are available online. Data from your credit card, PayPal
account, or FreshBooks can be imported. Collaboration with your accountant is allowed. Free.


13.  InDinero
Another finance tracking system for start-ups and small businesses, InDinero takes some of the
irritation out of financial management. An online app that is user friendly for non-financial types,
InDinero integrates the business’s banking account, credit cards, and PayPal accounts, making it
much easier to see the overall financial picture of expenses and income. Data from over 10,000
financial institutions is in the system. The InDinero free account allows up to fifty (50) transactions.
More transactions can be added for a monthly fee. Information is exported to Microsoft Excel, CSV,
or QuickBooks through which you can see your financial standing at any given moment. It tracks
expenses, monitors cash shortages, trends spending, and based on that information predicts the
business’s financial future.


14.  Ganttic
Managing resources within a company is vital to its well-being. This includes human, technological,
physical, supply, equipment, financial, transport and the myriad of resources within each of those
categories.  Ganttic, a web based, multi-task program, helps companies to effectively plan and
schedule shared resources across projects to sustain viability. Strategic planning and budgeting
across the organization is improved when leaders get a synopsis of proposed and budgeted
projects. Drag-and-drop features make reorganizing tasks easier. Data fields can be customized to
your organization. This feature-rich program gives data in real time, provides a work log, and supports
multi-platform operations. Collaboration with colleagues and clients for efficient resource planning
is available through Ganttic, which is free for five (5) users or less and up to ten (10) resources. A fee
-for-service system is in place for each additional resource or user you add. Ganttic can be hosted on
your company server if you prefer not to work online.

15.  Zferral
Creating affiliate marketing with other businesses sounds like a good idea until you realize you need
some way to keep up with marketing campaigns, sales, invoices, commission payments, and on it goes.
Zferral, through their comprehensive analytics, puts you in the driver’s seat with real time views of
the sales for each marketing campaign and the commissions pending and paid. You can determine
whether the affiliate has increased the number of visits to your site, comments, conversion numbers,
number of clicks, and impressions. Time data on Zferral is collated for days, weeks, months, year to
date, or historical. You can customize the affiliate panel by including your logo, changing colors of
texts or backgrounds, and incorporating product and company descriptions.

You get two marketing campaigns and ten (10) or less affiliates at any given point after you register for
the free account. To each you upload your banner and text advertising, fill in descriptions, establish
structures, and payment tiers for commissions. Affiliates, who market your services or products, create
codes for embedding your ad materials to their website. Additional packages with increased affiliates and
campaigns are on a fee-for-service monthly basis.


16.  Talleyzip
Talleyzip is an online accounting service that works for both small and moderate sized companies. An
accurate and secure tool for tracking accounts, it is an adjunct to good customer relations. Also a multi
-tasking accounting based program, Talleyzip uses SSL to protect your company information, offers
customer relations management (CRM) functions, task management and collaborative features. User
friendly, Talleyzip has free and premium packages. Both provide maintenance of your product list,
keep a record of invoices, record company bills, and retain your contact list with their information.
The free account is for one user and three or less customers. Premium packages start at $19 a month.