Business Training Courses – Manage and Motivate your Staff

Progressive Training offer a wide range of Business Workforce
Training Courses to companies throughout Ireland.

These courses cover everything from
Management Training to Sales training and
having highly motivated staff is an
important aspect of running a business today.

Staff Motivation is all about having the right
people in a well organised process is useless if
those people don’t work hard and expend effort to achieve the goals and
objectives of the work group.

It is part of the manager’s role to ensure, as far as possible, that staff are willing
to put in this effort – that they are motivated.
Getting this effort from your staff requires you to:

  • Understand how motivation works.
  • Be aware of what motivates each member of your staff.

Identify the ways in which you can contribute to their motivation.
Motivation is the extent to which people apply effort to achieve
goals so that their needs can be satisfied. Needs are complex and
can be satisfied both inside and outside the workplace.

Needs also tend to be very individualistic. The glib answer to the
question “Why do you work?” is “I work for the money”, but this is
a very crude and incomplete explanation for why people work.

Money is undeniably an important factor in influencing a person’s motivation.
Not only does it provide the means of satisfying many material needs but
is also a symbol of achievement and recognition. It is, however, wrong
to overstate the role of money as a motivator, particularly when financial
rewards are not directly related to performance and achievement.

In many situations money does get people to work but does not necessarily
get people to work harder. Motivation has only been seriously
studied during this century.

Up to then, it was assumed that threat of starvation and meager rewards
were sufficient to keep workers motivated.

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