Cloud Computing Services

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a simple concept.

It puts your computer applications and data management on
the internet and allows business users access it 24/7 online.

This means a business does not have to install and maintain
their business applications on their computers or invest in
staff and time to manage their day to day IT requirements.

By putting the application or program online it offers a number of
benefits that are not shared when the programs are
installed directly on a computer’s hard drive.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

It is more secure

Your data is stored in a dedicated data hosting centre which has a high level of protection and security.
Your business data is backed up in multiple servers and locations to minimise any chance of downtime.

It is cheaper

A business will pay an annual or monthly fee for Cloud computing services which
is a fraction of what you would pay to setup the same level of IT services in house.


Improves communication

Storing your business data and applications in a central location allows you share
your data more easily with work colleagues and employees.

Don’t need IT expertise

You don’t need to be an IT expert to work with Cloud computing systems.
Everything is designed to be end user friendly and easy to setup and run on a day to day basis.

Cloud Computing Services

The range of Cloud computing services we provide include:

  1. Data backup
  2. Email Management
  3. Website Hosting
  4. Website Content Management Service (CMS)
  5. Online Financial accounting
  6. Online Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


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