Trends in cloud technology for 2013


More cloud apps for mobile devices
Because people are becoming increasingly
mobile with their technology, the cloud marketing
trend is on the rise.

This means that software developers and businesses
in the mobile technology business have been given
the opportunity to design and launch mobile
cloud applications that can help people do the
things that they want to do with their mobile devices.

Helping people work from any location
Because of the opportunities that cloud technology
brings to mobile devices, it could soon be possible
for people to work from home, or from any given location,
and still access everything that they need to
when they are in the office.

The emergence of the hybrid cloud
Hybrid clouds are the expected development for 2013, merging the private and public domain into
one larger cloud that works within your current IT structure. This would bring together all aspects of
IT to enhance the user’s experience without affecting the security of the data.

A rise in Cloud Brokering
With the need to manage cloud storage space and charge for the amount of storage capacity comes
the cloud brokering. Here businesses will work together share their storage capacity. Peripheral
businesses will emerge to oversee the management of workflow in each cloud, which will form a new
niche in the computing industry for 2013.

Competition in Cloud Vending
Cloud vending will become more competitive as new service provides emerge to challenge the
services offered by the leading names, such as Microsoft and Google. This should affect prices and
improve the services that are currently being offered.

Securing IT systems through Cloud Computing
As times goes on, natural disasters happen that can disastrously affect businesses and their IT
systems, not to mention the surrounding external environment. What has kept such businesses
afloat throughout 2012, however, has been their use of cloud storage. Businesses will start to
increasingly realise that if they are to keep their data secure they must look for business
continuity solutions in the form of cloud computing.

Moving towards smart technology
We are all familiar with smart technology from smart phones to smart cars. You can expect many
more mobile devices to become ‘smart’ and tap into cloud technology. Everything will be affected
from the way you monitor your home to the car industry. Car technology will tap into smart mobile
technology through cloud computing. Such advancements are expected throughout this coming year.

Stepping up Cloud Security
With every secure piece of technology comes a threat to that security. Concerns are already being
addressed as to the security of cloud technology. Whilst the US government has already turned some
of its attention to a cloud computing security strategy, we can expect that the big names in cloud
computing will also increase the level of security they are offering. Nothing is ever completely safe
from threat, though, so this will always be a work in progress.

Holding back some IT systems from the public cloud
In the last two years we have seen a trend where companies have been transferring a large amount
of information into their public cloud, trusting that their information would be kept safe and without
recognising that they may be potentially exposing their sensitive information to the general masses.
It is thought that in the coming year we will start to see a reversal of this process so that businesses
will begin to hold back some of their accessibility from the public cloud and keep it on site.

Tapping into Cloud Computing benefits
There are very significant benefits afforded by the possibilities of cloud computing and it is anticipated
that more and more businesses will start to tap into the advantages of managing their IT systems in this
way. In terms of achieving a competitive edge, using cloud technology is certainly a step in the right
direction and so it is only a matter of time until everyone else catches up.