Top 20 Twitter Management Apps you cant live without

Twitter is great for Business

Twitter is a superb social networking channel. 
There are several different twitter tools to manage
your Twitter presence.

List of Twitter Tools

Here are list of 20 essential twitter tools that you can’t live without


Refollow: Refollow makes it easy to discover, manage, and protect your
Twitter social circle. Manage your friends and followers, establish new
relationships, unfollow or block users, sort by importance, lock relationships, and much more.

TweetLevel is a Twitter measurement tool. This tool will be in permanent
beta as we seek to continually improve its functionality based upon your
feedback. Even though we believe that it goes a great way to understand and
quantify the varying importance of different people’s usage of Twitter, by no
means had whatsoever do we believe we have fully solved the ‘influence’ problem

Tweepi: A superb Twitter follower management tool. Tweepi helps
you make sense of your Twitter social graph, with stats.

ManageFlitter: A great tool for Clean up and manage who you follow.
It helps you finding out who isn’t following you back, inactive accounts you are following.
It can easily search inside your Twitter stream. You can also Link Google+ to your Twitter account.

Social Oomph:  Its one of the best tool to schedule and send recurring tweets.
You can also add several twitter accounts.
You can also purne and unfollow those who don’t follow you Build Meaningful Personal Relationships that help you achieve
your business goals.The tool helps in building potential new leads. Social web
can often feel overwhelming but this tool helps to minimize stress and get the control back.

Argyle Social: Argyle Social is on a mission to help marketers drive meaningful business
outcomes through social media marketing. Hundreds of small- and mid-sized businesses
rely on our platform to power marketing campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

TweetDeck: This makes engaging with your followers quick and easy. TweetDeck is an app
that brings more flexibility and insight to power users.

The archivist: The Archivist is a service that lets you search Twitter for Tweets.
Then you can create an archive, analyze, export and share the tweets.
The Archivist does not have access to the Twitter “firehose” (ie., all the tweets
ever on a subject). As such, the tweets archived by The Archivist are not guaranteed
to represent a complete historical record of a given term or search.

TwitterCounter: The tool gives comprehensive stats on all important Twitter activities,
including number of followers, numbers following, and number of tweets. It also provides
a graph displaying the twitter outputs versus follower numbers, clearly showing how
well content is being received.

TwitCam: Upload photos from your computer or live photos from your web cam
Twitcam posts your video description and link to twitter for all your followers to see.
While broadcasting, chat with your viewers via Twitter right from your broadcast page.

Formulists: Formulists finds and analyzes groups of tweeps for you so that you can
engage and target them more effectively.

Twylah: Twylah creates an awesome looking website out of your tweets, showcasing
your great content and the rich media you share on Twitter.

WhoTweetedMe: analyze a URL and show you its most influential retweeters, potential
reach and timeline. Due to Twitter API limitations, It works best on blog post URLs
that are between 1 day and 2 weeks old.

MarketMeSuite: This is a great social media dashboard. With it you can create reply
campaigns, pull in RSS feeds, compare the Klout score of users you are interacting with,
and collaborate with others. They had some other cool features where you could brand
your tweets but had problems with Twitter’s API so removed this feature
(which was my favourite feature!)

Tweriod:  Tweriod gives you the best times to tweet. The tool analyzes both your tweets
and your followers’ tweets. So you can start tweeting when it makes most sense to reach others.

Twilert: A free web App that enables you to receive regular email updates of
tweets containing your brand, products, services well any keyword you like

ParrotFish: Its one of the Great tool that you can download on Google Chrome in
order to see the full preview of each tweet. It is Perfect for
tweets that have links to photo’s and video’s.

BrandChirp: BrandChirp is the # 1 solution for brand management on Twitter.
Effectively monitor, manage and resolve all brand activity. Establish new connections
and reach a bigger audience with our one of a kind target follow feature

TwitLonger:  Twitlonger is an easy way to post long messages to Twitter without the
need to write a blog post. Write what you need and app posts the link to Twitter for you.

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