Top 12 Mobile Social Apps for your Smartphone

Your social life does not have to stop once you step away Smartphone
from your personal computer or are on the move.
There is a wide range of great apps available that can work on
your smart phone that help you stay in touch while on the move.

Social Apps for your Smartphone

We have compiled a list of the top 12 must have apps that are essential for
keeping your personal and business social life going
while your on the move and away from your pc.

1. Facebook.
Probably the most popular, with an easy-to-use interface and the ability to update
your status updates, upload photos and chat enabling you to stay connected when on the move.

2. Twitter. ( Mobile Version )
A real time application that appears it was built just for mobile devices.
A truly real-time service with instant messaging and is very easy to use on the go.

3.  LinkedIn
If you are a businessperson, you probably have a Smartphone for its business applications.
The mobile LinkedIn app gives you the ability to take your professional life on the go, a
must-have for true movers and shakers. Real time updates allow for instant changes
and emergency responses. Never be unprepared again.

4. MySpace
MySpace as a music and video site makes this mobile app a must-have.
Find new music and the people who love it easier than ever with the MySpace mobile app.

5. Foursquare also know as a ‘geo social networking’ tool. Works based on the user location,
whereby you can ‘check in’ at venues, earn badges and automatically updating any relevant
social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

6. AIM.
AIM has expanded to allow users to connect to all of their chat and IM accounts at once.
You can check almost any of your other social networks and post to them all at once,
or selectively with the AIM mobile app

7. Tagged.
A social networking website that has features like Tagging places
with an extra emphasis on meeting new people without being too “pick-up date site” oriented.
Combining the comfort of a social network with the reach of a dating site
makes this a must-have app for a good mobile social life.

8. Flixster
Is a free online database of information about films and actors.
It includes social features such as the ability for individual users to review
and rate films and to compare their ratings with invited friends to assess compatibility in film tastes.

9. Microsoft Outlook
Another business application.  Microsoft Outlook Web App delivers a rich, web-based
email experience that allows you to share calendars, access email,
voicemail, instant messages and more!

10. Gowalla
Check in with Gowalla on your phone to stamp your Passport at each place you visit.
It’s pretty much like stamping your passport in real life.
As a reward users will sometimes receive virtual “items” from check-ins.

11. Tweetdeck
TweetDeck is a great app for staying in touch with what’s happening now,
connecting you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook, MySpace.

12.  Tweetcaster
An app for Twitter made by Handmark, Tweetcaster gives you the ability to post
to all of your social media accounts at once, streamlining your ability
to communicate in real time even further.

Why not try these out and be social on the move.

We hope you find these apps of use in your Business.

Thanks the TIB Team


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