Top 10 IT tech trends for Business in 2013

Future trends in IT

Future trends in IT and how they will affect your business in 2013
This video outlines growth in several areas of IT that will have a direct and indirect
affect on Business in 2013


  • Including greater use of mobile devices in business and the growth of the mobile workforce.
  • Greater use of Apps and the use of HTML 5.
  • The cloud will emerge as the favoured hub for apps, content and preferences.
  • There will be growth in the use of Strategic Big Data
  • Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing will change the role of IT departments demands.
  • Actionable Analytics will be key to future business growth
  • The internet of things, connected cars, connected smart homes will also become more of a reality.
  • Integreated Eco systems will rise in popularity as well as other
  • new areas such as Mainstream in Memory Computing and the growth in use of Enterprise Apps


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