Tips on how to promote your Book on Facebook

Congratulations! You did the most important Business-Tips
thing – you wrote and published your own book!

Now you want to get success and profit from
your great work! Let’s figure out how to do it!

Find your readers. Facebook with its 300 Million
Audience continues to grow. This is your target
audience that craves variety of goods and services.
You need to understand who will be the core of it
and who won’t. How old are your readers?
Where do they live and on “what” language speak?
That is the niche you have to take!

Use your relatives, friends, and acquaintances.
In a good way, of course. Ask them to support you and
to help to spread the word about your fascinating book further.
How to start an avalanche? – With one stone.
The writer begins with the first reader who gives a
tip to read liked book to neighbour.
The same effect of the avalanche.

Summary is the first thing a potential reader may find interesting.
You are the first and most important person who knows the
main theme and subject of the book. So, no one can explain
it better to readers why they should love you and your book.
Describe your work in a brief, informative, and positively
motivating way and emphasize what your readers will
get at the end. Today, all are focused on results.
In addition, if your book is a gift to the world,
then give it to everyone.

Enlist the support of other writers.
Why not? As strange
as it may sound, writers are people like you and they are also
active users of Facebook. At the moment, it is the fastest
way to share information, experiences and recommendations.
Do not be afraid to ask for help! Reviews, opinions,
references, or even criticism – everything is right for you.

Access to some chapters of your book. Looking back on
the Western experience, be client- but not profit-oriented.
Free access to the most exciting excerpt from your book
will help. Select fascinating chapters, which, however, do not
reveal the whole story, but are still good to persuade readers
to buy a book. Online libraries are very good tools for this purposes.

Meeting with the author. Arrange celebration for yourself,
your current and potential readers, organize party for the book
premier with an autograph session. Invite family and friends,
ask them to bring at least one or two friends! Moreover, be creative!
For example, if the plot of the book allows, write the
script for the role-playing game like Mafia, etc.,
and suggest it to your guests to play.

Initiate the dialogue with readers.
Show their importance and your appreciation for
their attention and interest. Ask their opinion, express
your gratitude for the comments, and answer their
questions in time. A kind of brainstorming will help
you to find the ideas for the future!  And who knows,
maybe in the future you will be the author of the next bestseller!

The last but not the least. Make it sexy.
For instance, the topic of training course “More than a friend”
will attract more participants than “How to be a good mentor
and facilitator in learning process for volunteer article with title
“Make me feel you” is more intriguing than “The principles
of nonviolent communication”. Research shows everything
related to sex is attracting increased attention.
However, we must be careful with it for several reasons.
Firstly, sometimes the content is more important than
sexual subtext. Secondly, there is a risk to cross
the line of sexuality and vulgarity.

Finally, do not let the promotion “die”. Not all ideas will
work for you and not all ideas will produce sales.
Nevertheless, don’t give up and enjoy the process!

About the author: A talented writer Paul Smith is interested
in collecting things such as stamps, badges, postcards, pens and cups.
Such hobby inspires him to write wonderful articles and posts.
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