The top 3 Technologies to look out for in Future Cars


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We all know that nowadays technologies develop at lighting fast speeds and sometimes it is even hard to keep up with all the latest tech news. The Automotive industry is no exception to this trend, because it seems like every month we hear about new car features that will be rolled out with the latest car models.

But what are the TOP 3 technological wonders for us to look forward in future cars and how these technologies will impact our lives?

1. Autonomous Driving
Probably the main feature to look for in future cars is the long awaited but still distant future technology of completely autonomous driving a.k.a. the car drives itself on autopilot and you can relax, read a book, watch a movie or do anything else besides driving while still getting to your destination. Some companies like Audi, Google, Swisscom had already tested autonomous driving cars, however there are still much work to do for us to be able to implement these type of cars in our everyday lives.

Some of the ways how autonomous driving would impact our lives are that it would let us spend the time we waste commuting from one place to another a bit more efficiently, since the car would drive itself without us paying attention to what’s happening on the road. Because these kind of cars would drive using technology, it would eliminate the human factor in driving that almost always is the cause of car crashes, accidents on the road and other driving errors, therefore the roads would be a much safer place than they are now. Also these type of smart cars could reduce traffic congestion as the autonomous cars would be able to manage traffic flow much better,
and overall autonomous cars would allow anybody to use a car, even if their health or age state
wouldn’t allow them to actually drive a car.

Full connectivity
The second technology that we should see in very near future, because even now there are cars that have almost every connection known to a man in them, is full connectivity. What I mean by this is that soon you will be able to not only use blue-tooth and navigation in your car, but the cars will be equipped with internet connection, car operating system as well as apps and other features that we may be using already only on our smartphones. On top of that with time there will also be so called vehicle-to-vehicle communication that can be included into this full connectivity category, because it will let your car network with other cars making driving safer. And this car networking will especially be useful once autonomous driving cars become as regular of a thing as seeing a car with parking sensors.

How will this connectivity impact our lives? First of all you won’t have to rely solely on your Smartphone anymore, because if your car is able to access all of the same features as your Smartphone, then the event of you forgetting your device at home will become less significant to you as it is now. Secondly, the vehicle-to-vehicle communication will allow your car be aware of other cars on the road, potentially prevent many accidents and driving errors that humans make, because they don’t see a car or other vehicle close to them.

3. Re configurable Body Panels
And last but defiantly not least in this list of three exciting new car technologies that is brought to you by KnockOutEngine, blog on all things cars, is re configurable body panels. Imagine if you could have two, three or more different types of cars in one single vehicle and that you would be able to transform your car in any of these vehicle types just by moving some panels. Lucky for us, predictions future car technologies are very optimistic for this kind of tech being a reality someday. It would enable to configure an SUV into a truck or even into a van just to name one option, so you would get multiple car options for the price of one car. Another side of this technology is also that you would be able to configure the inside of your car from a regular 5 seat car to a lounge room type of car where all the car chairs face each other or into a relaxation space where you can comfortable stretch out your legs and read a book.

The great thing about this kind of technology is that it would make it possible for people to have multiple car types at hand whenever they need them, meaning that we could adapt our car so that it is suitable many different purposes from transporting more than 5 people to transporting big loads to having a capable car that is able to easily drive even in off road conditions. On top of that there is also the potential to transform your car, especially if it would also have the autonomous driving technology, into a moving living room or office space by moving the chairs inside of the car and modifying them to how you want them to be. The options are endless.