Take a ride through Barcelona in a luxurious Car without Leaving your Bedroom


Sounds unbelievable? Not really! And we’re not talking about a random car, but the newest Cadillac CT6, which has premiered on the Asian market during an automotive EXPO. How is it possible then? Thanks to latest marketing solutions based on Virtual Reality. Just put your VR googles on, and the journey begins…

Since the development of the newest devices, virtual and augmented reality apps and games are starting to get the proper attention, especially in the marketing sector. While creating a virtual world, the possibilities are unlimited. The marketing potential of those solutions was also spotted by trade fair exhibitors. Most of the automotive exhibitors use branded driving simulators with screens, or based on VR googles, to get more people to their booths. The main problem with simulators of this kind is that even the best computer graphics are not enough to make you feel fully immersed. That’s why Cadillac decided to go one step further. They asked a virtual reality studio to create an interactive app, which will make the experience as real as possible.

“Cadillac is a luxury car and nearly every trade fair visitor would like to take a ride in it. We wanted to make it happen.” ­ Adam Cegielski, CEO of VR VISIO

And they made it happen! By combining a 360 degree stereoscopic video with 3d models, they have created a fully­immersive experience for trade show visitors. The material was turned into interactive application designed for Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and other VR goggles.

As you start the application, you can actualy see the car building itself aroud you. All of the parts are appearing beneath you, being combined into hyper­realistic car model, where every detail looks fantastic. Right after the car starts, youre being taken on a ultra­immersive journey through the streets and landscapes of sunny Barcelona. Application users can experience beautifull views from the position of a car seat.  They can actually feel like they were riding through capital of Spain in a luxurious sedan.

To try the application in Cardboard, or just watch it as a 360 degree video: Click here!


While being presented on Cadillac’s company stand at the EXPO, the application attracted hundreds of visitors.
Each day, 500­600 clients used the application. Is it possible, that this kind of solutions will become the future of marketing? Who knows!

Watch the “Making of: Cadillac CT6 Virtual Reality Experience” to see the development process of the whole project: Click here!


Thanks the TIB Team

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