Social Media – Don’t Ignore this viable Business Tool


For every new update that Google embarks on,
search engine marketing experts get excited
and anxious about it.

This is exactly the scenario when Google came up with
an update (on February 17) that alerts you when any
of your connections on YouTube, Twitter, Google Buzz,
Friend Feed, Quara (excluding Facebook) shared
the link brought up by your query.

This new Google feature is a big plus to people who are
maximizing social media – staying connected with friends, colleagues,
brands etc. It’s great to know that Google is rewarding you for your
efforts and inputs in Twitting, YouTubing as well as blogging!

This is Google’s remark patterning this new update:

”As usual, it is our pleasure to assist you discover the most relevant answers… however,  the pages are not just all about relevance; relationships also count.”

For more than Google bots, the search giant is establishing our disposition to rely on recommendations from our connections.

(Bear in mind that you must use your Google account to connect social persons in order to see the new update appear).

For ordinary users, they do not take the fun further. There’s search experience enhancement and there’s this good-feeling about participating socially online. This signal is one out of the so many that shows the search result that solidly promise the right answer. However, the search marketer takes the fun further than this.

The Goal

Concerning your most powerful keywords, strive to lay hold of reliable social source showed below the link to your website pages, in an organic manner as well as white hat techniques.


Share! This is a social attribute that provides strength to the theory that counts when it comes to the present day’s search engine landscape.  A Pandora’s Box of SEM hints or ideas was opened by Google via this new update.

Here are techniques to help guide you:

  • Create and Grow a Client Twitter Account

So far, within Google’s SERPs, this appears to be the most visible. In building this account, you must adhere to the most excellent practices when filling out the needful profile information and trying to locate the suitable leaders to follow within your client’s niche or industry. You are most likely to achieve a follow back.

  • Your Content Should be Structured Around Your Core Keywords

Locate the correlation between your keyword list and your editorial calendar, putting keywords into the link structure as well as page titles.

  • Embark on Effective Content Sharing

When tweeting, buzzing, posting, or blogging, do them with focus. Incorporate keywords and a feel of your personality onto each link you tweet – these ones have high chances of being re-tweeted. However, you must think beyond just tweets. Saturate the minds of the industry leaders with your content via emails as well as Internet Messengers. Ensure that your links appear on SERP’s by increasing their coverage.

  • Keep Track of the Results

This is the only way you can measure the returns that your time and efforts are generating.

Although the techniques above are not new to search engine experts, the motivations are. Surely, these techniques will provide you with substantial returns on all your efforts.

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