Is China’s High-Tech ‘Overproduction’ Killing Jobs In The West?

Is China’s High-Tech ‘Overproduction’ Killing Jobs In The West? | When Titans Clash | Full Episode

Some EU and US leaders have accused China of overcapacity, and dumping electric vehicles, solar panels, and batteries on the global market, at artificially low prices. The fear is that this will lead US & EU companies to go bust. China has hit back, saying that there is no overcapacity in its 3 clean tech industries, and accusing some of these countries of being protectionist.

Who is right? Are we about to see a trade war erupt between EU and China, similar to what we had seen between the US and China?

0:00 Introduction
02:49 Protests against China steel exports
05:27 Western leaders on overcapacity problem
08:21 Comparative Advantage
09:04 As China exports, US loses millions of jobs
11:16 The impending second China shock
15:55 BYD ascends
18:05 The history of China’s electric vehicle dreams
22:30 China pushes back against overcapacity accusation
23:30 Auto industry in Europe cuts jobs
25:15 A trade war between Europe and China?
27:33 Solar in China
31:04 US solar makers go bankrupt
33:09 Trump’s solar tariffs
36:26 China’s Ambassador to USA responds
36:55 China exports to the Global South
39:38 How did China dominate battery industry?
42:30 The role of state planning
44:42 China’s moment of reckoning

Credit to : CNA Insider

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