Google Places – What it can do for your Hotel

Recently, Google announced that Google Local Business Centre has been replaced by Google Places. This change that seems to be a minor one, presents huge opportunities for hotels as well as destinations.

Each day, the importance of local content for online success tends to become more prioritized. As users carry out local search, they are presented with a map placed at the top of the search results, containing a concise list of area businesses. It is Google’s prerogative to determine as to what should be regarded as ‘local search’ depending on the search word entered – and automatically Google will provide the relevant local content. Each business is given a ‘push pin’ within the results. This pushpin identifies the business location on a map. When a visitor clicks on the pushpin, additional information powered by Google Places is presented to such a visitor. The concept is one caveat straightforward thing. It is also more likely that listings with detailed information will show up using the pushpin, while listings with little or no-inspiring info are excluded from the search results.

Indeed, Google Places is a great benefit for hotel businesses as well as destinations. If a web surfer (who is of course a potential customer) uses your city or neighbourhood along with ‘hotel’ as a search term, the possibility of reaching such visitor with content that is highly related with the search keyword entered is high. This is also very applicable to destinations that sharpen on the local businesses promotion as well as their marketing efforts. Also, very large portion of searches are being accounted for by local search. Recently, a research carried out by Google discovered that nearly 75% of every activity online is associated with local content. When you enhance your profile for local search, it is not just your online revenue that would be impacted positively, your offline revenue will also benefit from the effort. A study carried out in 2009 showed that about 80 percent of local search users got in touch with the business quite conventionally – that’s a whole lot.

How Can You Show Up Frequently and with Increased Placement?

Google Places enables for enhancement of several listings which were existing already via Local Business Center. Those who run hotel businesses can make available up-to-date information for their property. Such info includes business details, phone numbers, addresses as well as website URL. Such persons can also employ videos and photos to further showcase their property. Again, hotel owners can highlight on features that make their hotel business exceptional – e.g. state-of-the-art amenities, nearby sightseeing locations as well as pool hours.

Google Places also pull information that may be needful to customers and automatically embark on enhancement of some listings; such information includes reviews from independent sites.

Also, Google Places offers the following:

  • Improved Listings Via Google Tags. In order to have outstanding listings in Goggle Map Results, you can pay a monthly fee of 25 USD to include photo, coupon as well as other exceptional elements.
  • Realtime Updates: Google Places Page is a great place to promote property that runs a 48 hour coupon or sale.

Other benefits of the Google Places include free hotel photo shoot as well as customized QR code.


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